Is Your LED Screen Protected Against Viruses And Internet-Related Threats?

Is Your LED Screen Protected Against Viruses And Internet-Related Threats?

I just got this question from a reader of the blog: “Is here any danger for ping (delay time between computer that gives signal-commercial, and receiver, in our case LED billboard. Result would be commercial running with delays)? Also, is there any chance to “interfere” (in a way of viruses, and other treats that are common in computer-internet area)? Thanks for all.”

These questions are very smart because they take into consideration one of the key aspects of the LED screen: the management system. This is a key aspect because, despite image quality, reliability and price considerations – you need to use your LED display! And if your control system is not easy to use, you will end up not using it at all. This will result in a poorly managed LEDwall that is used only at a small percentage of its actual potential.

The LED Screen management system is a very sensitive to this topic, because if the control panel is too complicated and user-unfriendly, you will not use at the best of its performances. This, in more practical terms, means that you lose profits.

So to answer the first question about the delay time, LEDwalls are nothing more than the monitor. Some of the best manufacturers have a system that allows you to control it from remote (via an internet connection) but the “play” of all the content is done locally on the LED screen, therefore there is no delay at all.

This leads us to the second question about viruses and internet-related treats. The bad news is that, anything connected to the internet can not be considered 100% safe. The good news is that if you don’t surf the internet or download emails, your chances of getting a virus are very low.

Another good news is that the control system is a simple content player, so you never use your browser to access the internet. Furthermore you control the LED screen from remote via a Static IP Address, to which you access only with username and password (which add a further level of protection).

To conclude, a LED screen managed from remote is 99,9% safe from any internet-related threat. But if you still not feel safe (and are ready to tolerate the discomfort), you can always control you LED screen onsite, without any internet connection at all (you manually transfer the ads with a CD or flash memory): in this case you can be 100% sure that no viruses or hacker will create any problem!

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