Mentor Or Mentee: Be Either Or Both At

Mentor Or Mentee: Be Either Or Both At

In order to get to where you want to go it helps to know someone who has gone before you. This is true in the business world, where some of the most successful men and women credit a large part of their success to mentors., an online professional networking site for African-American professionals, is a premier resource for black professionals, and one of the greatest tools the website offers is a mentoring program consisting of African-Americans who have experienced success in a number of industries. The ability for members to seek or provide mentoring speaks to the type of online community has built and how it can help you achieve your goals moving forward.

The overwhelming majority of members at are black professionals who have already begun their careers and are looking to advance it. They can do so by applying any or all of the following resources to their job search:

* Job listings
* Business networking groups
* Career resources and toolkits
* Social networking (chats, blogs, forums and the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Gmail accounts)
* Special events
* Business directory
* Mentoring Programs
* Community help

As previously mentioned, one of the wonderful career resources available to members is a mentoring program of which anyone can take part. At

* Users can register as a mentor
* Users can register as a mentee
* Users can search for mentors/mentees
* Users can create meetings with their mentors/mentees
* Users can send messages to their mentors/mentees
* Users get matching mentors/mentees by email

In addition, this unique website goes out of its way to try to educate and inform its members about the hundreds of African-American professional organizations that are available to them based on their career path/industry. In short the opportunity to educate and improve oneself is an ongoing one at, and is something that its most astute members are happy to take advantage of.

There are so many reasons to decide on membership at, but the underlying reason is that there is no site better equipped to help you achieve your career goals and aspirations. Discover a multi-faceted approach to job seeking backed by the goodwill of a community that shares the goal of career advancement. Used correctly, the powerful tools and resources offered at may deliver just the impetus you need to achieve your career goals.