Muscle Building for Improved Body Health

Muscle Building for Improved Body Health

Muscle building is not just for body builders. Exercises and a diet that help you build muscle are good for your health, your overall fitness, your body image, and will raise your self- esteem. A balanced muscle building program will result in an additional 1 to 5 pounds of lean muscle mass per month.

Where to start? There are many misconceptions about muscle building. In order to build muscle you will need to create an exercise and diet program for your body.

You will need to closely monitor your progress and above all, be patient. Great muscles are genetic. You are either born with them or you are not.

The good news is that if genetics have failed you, exercise and diet will come to your rescue. You need to develop an exercise regime with volume, (the number of sets you do,) and intensity, (how much weight you use).

Plan to do your muscle building exercises 3 times a week, alternating cardio workouts on the days you do not work on your muscles. If you are beginning muscle building for the first time you may need to start with two days of workouts a week and build up to three days.

Muscle building focuses on three major exercises; the squat, the bench press, and the dead lift. All three of these exercises will build up your strength, help your body reach prime condition, and create muscle bulk. The squat, the bench press, and the dead lift should always be included in any muscle building program.

Muscle building requires dedication and concentration. You will not want to train for a 200m race at the same time you are focused on building muscle. Cardio will enhance your program and you should include cardio exercises, but they should not be the focus of your workout.

You must also eat right and not cut calories. Muscle building is not the time to diet and do not expect to lose weight.

You will want to increase your protein intake and reduce fats and refined carbs for the best possible results. Experts suggest that you consume one gram of protein per pound of body weight a day to build bulk in your muscles.

It is a good idea to have protein before and after you exercise. Another suggestion is to keep some carbs in your diet as they can be used for needed fuel.

Sleep and rest are a very important part of any muscle building program. During this time muscles build up, recover, and repair themselves. If you do not get the appropriate amounts of rest and sleep you are risking illness and injury.

The most favorable muscle building program will consist of balanced nutrition, (high in protein, low in fat), exercises that aid in lowering body fat and increasing cardio strength, and muscle building exercises that improve the size and definition of all the muscles in your body. A customary weight training workout will put together a solid groundwork for muscle building.

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