Power of Technology With The Latest HTC EVO 3D

Power of Technology With The Latest HTC EVO 3D

There is so much of innovation in the field of technology that sometimes we all get confused. Every day we hear about so many new products coming in the market. Though it’s really difficult to have thorough knowledge about all this, we always try to know about the reviews of something that may be we are planning to purchase in the near future.

If by any chance you are thinking of buying a new cell phone, I have something to share with you. HTC has launched its new smart phone in the market which is called, the EVO 3D. This is a product developed by the teamwork of Sprint and HTC.


Firstly it’s an extremely spectacular piece. Similar to EVO 4G, it is a black colored piece. Also it is enhanced by fine blood red detailing. It is also very handy and solid. It’s sometimes very irritating to carry very large and bulky phones, but EVO 3D is not like that. The size of this phone is about 5 inches in length and 3 inches wide. Also it has an awesome display is 4.3 inches. Not only this, it also has a 3D touch screen. The safety of the screen is also been taken into consideration therefore it possesses a sheet of Gorilla Glass for added toughness.


* It provides 4GB Internal memory/ 1 GB RAM
* The battery of this is 1730 MAh Lithium-ion battery
* It also delivers the Google services like Google maps with Navigation, Google Calendar, You Tube etc
* You can have a splendid video chat as it has a 1.3 mega pixel front facing camera and a Still (rear) camera of 5 mega pixels and another additional one of 5 mega pixels.
* It is capable of 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot capability, due to this it can support eight Wifi enabled services simultaneously.
* One more very nice feature is that this hand set has pre-loaded Blockbuster on Demand mobile application. Now you can watch latest movies, songs, videos etc that too on your phone. This is really something that is taking the movie watching experience to the next level with smart phones.

HTC has just witnessed it being overtaken by LG in the race for introducing new technologies in its mobile phone range and it is planning to catch up with the company by introducing the 3-D technology on its phones as well. EVO 3D is an extremely powerful phone with many novel features. It possesses dual core, 3D display and 4G speeds. It’s of course a more high definition one, surely something more than just a phone.

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