Save your Eyes Save your PC – Go Green today

Save your Eyes Save your PC – Go Green today

According to Wiki experts and MIT scientists : Human eyes have color receptors known as cone cells, of which there are three types. In some cases, one is missing or faulty, which can cause color blindness, including the common inability to distinguish red and yellow from green, known as deuteranopia or red”green color blindness. Green is restful to the eye. Studies show that a green environment can reduce fatigue.

GREEN – The term is unique in its appeal similar to many of the colors that nature bestows on us. According to Greenmaven team The Green color symbolises peace, flourishing vegetation and abundance. The perception of green is evoked by light having a spectrum dominated by energy with a wavelength of roughly 520to 570 nanometre. The sensitivity of the dark-adapted human eye is greatest at about 507 nm, a blue-green color, while the light-adapted eye is most sensitive about 555 nm, a slightly yellowish green; these are the peak locations of the rod and cone (scotopic and photopic, respectively) luminosity functions.

All over the world Green politics and Green parties are extending their roots to emphasize the importance of eco- contribution and raise alarm over threats of global warming and silicon garbage. According to Roberson et al study 2001 , The CRT monitors have been the culprit for a long time in consuming energy watts and LCD monitors were introduced to reduce the eye strain with eye soothing background contrasts. A White background in a web page uses 74 energy watts when compared to that of a Black background.

While this difference in energy consumption is minimal when compared to individual user on a per month basis, but with more and more PCs and laptops making way into mankind in this century, A general protocol across all the users across the world can create a significant saving in terms of energy watts used by the monitors and display devices. While Blackle and envirogle moved to black theme for search websites, and Greenmaven sites have opted for green theme to not only save PC power but also viewers eyes and provide healing experience for its viewers

Meanwhile, OIW Green team with collabaration of has been around for a while and has raised interests in several web entities to Go completely Green, The Green search is now being shared extensively in schools, colleges and health conscious individuals alike. It is claimed by the OIW green team that, while any green background has the same properties, The OIW colors and texts have been optimized for maximum benefit for the users and their PC as well.

According to OIW user feedback, Searching at for 5 minutes and then switch to on a new webpage clearly demonstrates the difference and benefits to the user without any more theorotical explanation. We at Nelson IT college are promoting as moral obligation and would recommend to you. Save your eyes Save your PC Go green today.

The Go Green Now movement was enhanced by in 2008. The former Reprint article directory giant now hosts a No ads homepage to support this theme. Save your Eyes & Save PC power withOfficial I want Green Search EngineNow

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