Tummy Tucks and African American Women

Tummy Tucks and African American Women

Once solely the purview of Caucasians, tummy tucks and other surgical augmentations are becoming more and more popular with African Americans, particularly women. Since 2002, statistics show that more than 1.3 million people of color had had some form of surgical procedure. Facial cosmetic surgery followed by tummy tucks are the favored procedures.

This explosion has come as the Black middle class has grown and developed more disposable income. Recent medical advances have greatly reduced the risk of scarring that is prevalent among dark skinned people. African Americans as a whole tend to suffer from those large discolored scars on top of the skin called Keloids.

The popularity of tummy tucks has increased despite the ongoing cultural criticisms by Blacks of members of other races who routinely have used surgery to alter their looks. Sometimes it is assumed that Blacks are selling out their heritage or simply trying to look white. But Black women seek out tummy tucks and other cosmetic procedures for the same reason that white women do; they want to look younger, fresher and to feel better over-all.

A recent study done by the University of Virginia revealed that women are driven to seek change in their naturalness by men’s obsession with female body size, and hair types. It is the men who are apparently obsessed with the straight, blonde hair, blue eyed stereotype of beauty, and Black women seek out some form of this in an effort to be more attractive to men.

This can lead to a loss of self esteem, say some experts in the field. Most doctors say their patients, however, just want to look good inside their own ethnic groups.

In today’s society, say doctors, men put a lot of pressure on women to look perfect and this is not necessarily a good thing. Women of color prefer liposuction, tummy tucks and breast reductions, in that order. Breast implants and butt augmentation are also very popular elective procedures.

The tummy tuck surgery can last up to two hours and cost about $ 4500. What it doe is tighten loose muscles and remove excess skin and fat tissue in the abdomen. The breast reduction takes longer to accomplish and may be covered by health insurance if the woman can prove the size of her breasts is detrimental to her health.

The cost is about the same as a tummy tuck.
Liposuction is a stand alone procedure that can and usually is combined with a tummy tuck, if you want more bang for the buck and less recovery time. Most Black women who elect to have liposuction get it done to the abdomen, the thighs and hips.

This procedure costs about $ 3000. Most Black women don’t need butt augmentation because many are born with enough junk in the trunk. However some do, and elect to have the fat that develops in the lower spine region relocated to the buttocks creating a more rounded and uplifted look from behind.

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