Should I Write Ebooks or Paper Books?

Should I Write Ebooks or Paper Books?

If you look around you’ll see a large number of African American books floating around the internet. Every which way you look you’ll find advertisements for e-readers of all types, from the iPad to the Nook and the ever-popular Kindle. With all of this advertising around, it can be tempting to think about moving your writing from the physical world of books to the digital world of e-books. But is this something that you should definitely think about doing? And if you do, is it going to get you more income?

The Truth About Ebooks

There are a number of things about ebooks that people don’t realize. They instantly believe that the only people who write ebooks are people who can’t get published any other way. A long time ago this might have been true. Many years ago, when the internet was young and shiny, there were lots of authors who would put their work online because they couldn’t get published anywhere else. But this is no longer true today. The world has gotten busier, and people want to be able to take their books with them wherever they go. That’s why African Americans books have become so popular. Readers can bring the e-books with them without having to lug around something large and heavy. Spending time in a waiting room for some reason? Pull out your iPhone and discover a book. Got a few minutes between classes? Enjoy some African American Kindle books. And the fact that you can download these books in the blink of an eye makes them even more popular.

Earning Money

So the big question for authors is whether they’ll make more money through going with ebooks or not. That, just as with the old fashioned books, depends on your story and who you have working with you to publish and market your ebook. Even the best African American ebooks have publishers and marketing geniuses behind them pushing them in order to get them to succeed. Without the right marketing, your ebook, no matter how amazing it is, is very likely to languish in obscurity. What this means is that your African American ebooks can definitely make as much money as a paperback book. It all depends on how good your story is, and if you get the story marketed the right way.

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