Tuesday, August 4, 2015
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AFRICANGLOBE - Diminutive Djibouti seems set to become dangerously overcrowded: not with immigrants, or a harmful animal species, but rather with foreign military bases. Already home to Camp Lemonnier, the United States of America’s (USA’s) only acknowledged African base, it was widely reported earlier this year that China intends to join the USA, France and Japan in establishing a permanent military presence there.

AFRICANGLOBE - For 150 years, biologists took it for granted that golden jackals in Africa were, in fact, golden jackals -- closely related to other golden jackals originating from Eurasia. It made sense. The animals were about the same size and looked a lot alike. But it turns out to have been a case of mistaken identity:

AFRICANGLOBE - Mozambique’s economy is being boosted by the biggest natural gas find in the world in the last decade. Mozambique is expected to add dollar millionaires at the fastest rate in Africa over the next decade followed by Ivory Coast and Zambia as a mix of construction, financial services and property developments boost the ranks of the rich in Africa.

AFRICANGLOBE - Washington’s foreign policy towards Africa was highlighted recently through the visit of President Barack Obama to Kenya and Ethiopia.

AFRICANGLOBE - Instead of coming to lecture, Obama should have had the humility to come and apologise to Africans for his country's sadistic adventures on our continent. Indeed, Obama has no moral right to lecture Africans on democracy, human rights, and clean government because his country has been sponsoring corrupt and cruel policies against Black people at home and thieving tyrants on our continent.

AFRICANGLOBE - The African Union has been working on its own solution for years now, named the African Standby Force (ASF). It’s conceptualised as a military force made up of only African troops that is supposed to intervene within two weeks should a new violent conflict erupt.

AFRICANGLOBE - As of mid-2015, the world’s population stands at 7.3 billion, according to a new estimate by the United Nations. Over half of the world lives in Asia and a little under a fifth live in Africa. But in 35 years, that picture will look radically different.

AFRICANGLOBE - Whether you are a freewheeling democracy like Kenya or Nigeria, or an Ethiopia, the one thing that has changed for most Africans is security of property and life. More than at anytime, today the highest number of Africans live without fear that the state will grab their property, seize their harvest, or that when they approach a government roadblock that they will be killed.

AFRICANGOBE - Closing a historic visit to Africa, President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged the continent's leaders to prioritize creating jobs and opportunity for the next generation of young people or risk sacrificing future economic potential to further instability and disorder.

AFRICANGLOBE - Speaking last evening when he hosted a state banquet in honour of the visiting United States leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta said Africa is no longer a continent which begs for aid but rather which seeks support and empowerment to achieve economic prosperity.

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese Ambassador to Ethiopia, La Yefan indicated, china is working towards bringing Ethiopia into the center stage of Africa’s industrialization. The Ambassador added “china will do all it can to expand the manufacturing industry Ethiopia planned to undertake in the period of the 2nd growth and transformation plan”.

AFRICANGLOBE - The three countries with the brightest prospects in the next year are all emerging or developing economies in Africa, while three with the bleakest outlooks are advanced economies, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 25 through May 27.

AFRICANGLOBE - Why are African governments removing their people from their land and leasing it to foreign owned companies? Why are we not standing up against our own governments, who even take water rights away from small African farmers to give them to foreign multinationals.

AFRICANGLOBE - Camp Lemonnier, which houses 4,500 American military personnel and is the only US military base in Africa, is currently undergoing a $1.4 billion (£900m) upgrade. It provides a vital base US Special Forces, fighter planes and helicopters, and well as being a major operational centre for drone operations in Yemen and Somalia.

AFRICANGLOBE - Dangote Group's refinery, with an output of 650,000 barrels per day, will be the biggest petrochemical complex in the world in one single location. It will cost $12bn to build, and will generate a turnover of $24bn per year.

AFRICANGLOBE - Often, naive celebrities have burnished their own reputations as missionaries of a troubled age. Bob Geldof and Bono are seeking to “end poverty”, Angelina Jolie is “protecting” refugees and rape victims, George Clooney is “saving” Darfur, Sharon Stone is campaigning for mosquito nets, Madonna has adopted children in Malawi as if buying new pets, and Prince Harry is on his way to Namibia to “save” the black rhino. This cult of celebrity has often led to a dangerous dumbing down of issues and brushed aside other innovative and resilient grassroots efforts.

AFRICANGLOBE - It is almost impossible to miss Beijing’s influence in Angola, from construction site signs in Chinese script to expensive Chinese restaurants and seedy “Asian-only” massage parlors in the capital’s alleyways. Despite reservations from jobless Angolans, economists see China’s dominant role in Angola as necessary.