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Black Round Dining Table – Give Your Dining Hall A Classy...

by puck90 Black Round Dining Table - Give Your Dining Hall A Classy Look With ItThe classy looking dining table is always much better...

Pressure On Obama to Win Presidential Debate

President Barack Obama is under heavy pressure in his debate rematch with Mitt Romney on Tuesday to turn in a more forceful performance that...

Georgia Prisons ‘Out of Control,’ FBI Brutality Probe Deepens

The investigator was soft-spoken but relentless.“Look at me and tell me that you were not in that gymnasium,” said Trebor Randle, a Georgia Bureau...

Video Captures Michigan Police Slaughtering Mentally Ill Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Three days before Independence Day, Milton Hall died in a fusillade of police gunfire outside a strip mall. He had been arguing with officers in a parking lot next to a shuttered Chinese restaurant when he was shot, in full view of passing motorists and while he was holding some sort of knife.