Monday, July 27, 2015
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AFRICANGLOBE - Did Ted Nugent move to North Korea? I wonder because of the super hot racist rhetoric aimed at President Obama by the Hermit Kingdom’s state-run media. In a January interview with, Nugent called the president “a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.” But that’s nuthin’ compared to what Obama was called in an article published by the North’s state-run news agency.

Hands up which of you know what happened the last time the Americans took on the Syrian government army? I bet they can’t remember. Well it happened in Lebanon when the US Air Force decided to bomb Syrian missiles in the Bekaa Valley on 4 December 1983.

Less than three months ago, Obama gave a speech at the National Defense University in which he acknowledged that policies such as drone assassinations of American citizens and the indefinite detention of prisoners at Guantanamo—for which he is responsible—called into question the viability of American democracy.

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama's recent visit to Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania was written off as a "guilt trip" by some and a "last chance" to salvage an Africa policy legacy by others.

AFRICANGLOBE - An African president once said publicly in Washington, "when I meet with heads of state from other countries, I am not lectured as I am by Americans. We are tired of the lectures."

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama said he has confidence in Tanzania's future as its people work to strengthen their democracy and take advantage of new trade and development opportunities.

AFRICANGLOBE - 38 African countries criminalize homosexuality. In four of those — Mauritania, northern Nigeria, southern Somalia and Sudan — the punishment is death. These laws have broad public support. A June 4 Pew Research Center survey found at least nine of 10 respondents in Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria believe homosexuality should not be accepted by society.

AFRICANGLOBE - One of the goals of U.S. President Barack Obama's tour of Africa is to promote U.S. business interests across the continent now turning to China. The competition between the economic giants is playing out in Tanzania, the last stop on Obama's tour.

Let me guess Obama is coming to visit Nigeria and Ethiopia? And Kenya, his “father grew up there herding goats in a tiny village…” No, he is not going there. Not going to Ethiopia!? America’s no. 1 African “partner” in the “war on terror”! Not going to Nigeria!? America’s biggest oil supplier in Africa! Not going to Kenya…

AFRICANGLOBE - The drop in Barack Obama's popularity comes on the heels of a leak that revealed the NSA has been conducting a large data-mining operation on American citizens.

If anyone else had an unemployment rate among their youth that was anywhere as high as 35 or 40 percent, there would be warfare in this country. People are tired of hearing Obama's lectures on social responsibility without policies to address the myriad problems facing the Black community.

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barrack Obama will visit Dakar next month,ording to reports in the Senegalese press. The newspaper L'As said today that the president will be in Dakar June 26 to 28 and will be accompanied by First Lady Michelle Robinson Obama and daughters Malia and Sasha.

AFRICANGLOBE - President Obama on Sunday told the graduating class at Morehouse College, the country's pre-eminent historically Black college, there is "no time for excuses" for this generation of African-American men and that it was time for their generation to step up professionally and in their personal lives.

AFRICANGLOBE - Given President Obama’s poor record in catapulting an economic and empowerment agenda for the African American community, we must begin asking the questions: Why are we so loyal to a president who is not loyal to us?”

AFRICANGLOBE - The persistence of disproportionate African-American unemployment is a capstone of the “heads-they-win-tails-we-lose” persistence of African Americans getting the worst when the economy declines and the least when the economy grows.

AFRICANGLOBE - The controversy raging across America over the Satan character in cable television's miniseries The Bible bearing a haunting likeness to President Barack Obama is yet another flashpoint in America's persistent roil with racism that is rooted in serious, unresolved issues arising from slavery.

AFRICANGLOBE - Now that Washington lawmakers have finally proven just how dysfunctional they are by allowing the brutal sequester cuts to be enacted at midnight, they will now sit back and wait to see how federal agencies will slash $85 billion from their budgets.