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Ethiopian Woman Raped and Murdered in Kuwait

AFRICANGLOBE – An Ethiopian woman died when she allegedly fell from the window of a domestic employment agency in Hawally, Kuwait. According to security sources, when the operations room of Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior received information from the building guard about a woman lying on the ground and bleeding, securitymen and paramedics rushed to the location and found the woman bleeding profusely from the head.

From Fiscal Abyss, To Fiscal Cliff, To Deal?

AFRICANGLOBE – During the 2012 campaign President Obama told the electorate that he would raise taxes on those making over $250K in order to generate much needed revenues and avoid going over the fiscal cliff. President Obama won reelection with a convincing margin; some would say a mandate even though Republicans still control the House.

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UN Security Council Authorizes African-Led Intervention Force in Mali

AFRICANGLOBE – The Security Council yesterday authorized the deployment of an African-led International Support Mission in Mali, to be known as AFISMA, for an initial period of one year to assist the authorities in recovering rebel-held regions in the north and restoring the unity of the country.

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Why are African Armies So Bad?

The conflicts in Mali and Congo have yet again confirmed fears about how poorly equipped, badly commanded, ill trained and hated most African armies are. General Carter Ham head of AFRICOM – the U.S. military command for Africa – did not mince his words, when he briefed the Homeland Security Policy Institute

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Forgotten Black Couple Who Created Your Home Security Alarm System

AFRICANGLOBE – Recently, while I was on vacation, our daughter took our dog, Cali, for a play date with her four canines, two of which are wild animals. I asked if she planned to bring our dog back home before she went to work the next day, and she sighed heavily. That is usually a […]

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Should Rwanda Be on the UN Security Council?

Rwanda’s alleged support of rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo has raised concerns its presence on the Security Council could undermine rather than promote peace. On January 1, Rwanda will join Australia, Argentina, South Korea and Luxembourg as part of a new intake of non-permanent members on the United Nations Security Council. The council’s […]

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UN Deploys Attack Helicopters Against M23 Rebels in Congo

AFRICANGLOBE – The UN Security Council, meeting in an emergency session on Saturday, strongly condemned the latest attacks by the M23 rebel group, which displaced more civilians in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and prompted the United Nations peacekeeping force there to deploy attack helicopters to support the national army. Early this morning, […]

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Haiti: Human Security in Danger

AFRICANGLOBE – FIDH and its member organisations in Haiti, the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH) and the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights (CEDH), today publish an alarming report into the persistent human insecurity in Haiti, despite the exceptional humanitarian efforts made since the earthquake of 12 January 2010. Almost three years after this disaster, […]

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UN Extends Somalia Peacekeeping Force

The United Nations Security Council extended an African Union peacekeeping force in Somalia for four months on Wednesday as it mulls lifting an arms embargo and Uganda threatens to pull out troops over claims it is aiding rebels in Democratic Republic of Congo. The African Union has appealed to the 15-member council to review its […]

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