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AFRICANGLOBE - The Economist's Intelligence Unit has released its Business Environment Rankings, looking at which country is likely to be the most business-friendly in the world leading up to 2018.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's policy of race-based affirmative action is “killing babies” and must be scrapped, the country's White-run Institute of Race Relations said Friday. The institute, which spoke out against racial discrimination under apartheid, said Black empowerment policies had seen unqualified people appointed to positions where their incompetence hit poor and vulnerable communities.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa has, yet again, conducted free, fair, and credible national elections. With 99 percent of the votes counted, the governing African National Congress (ANC) has won 62 percent of the vote, the official opposition, the Democratic Alliance (DA) has won 22 percent, while a new populist, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) won 6 percent.

AFRICANGLOBE - South African President Jacob Zuma promised on Saturday to push through business-friendly reforms, signaling he would use a sweeping election victory to pursue economic growth in the face of opposition.

AFRICANGLOBE - Thomas Watson once said that “the business leaders of tomorrow will be young men of today – men like you who are preparing now for the great future which lies ahead. You may view the future with confidence, knowing that from the youth of today will emerge the leaders of tomorrow.”

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa deployed its armed forces overnight to quell post-election unrest in a Johannesburg slum and police arrested 59 people as the ANC clamped down on violence following its victory at the polls. By calling in the army, the ANC government appeared to be taking a harder tack against public unrest than it has in the recent past.When violent labor unrest swept through South Africa's platinum-mining belt in 2012, the government put the army on standby but did not dispatch it.

AFRICANGLOBE - If the predictions hold, the ANC will continue to dominate Parliament, but would need the support of virtually every smaller party, or just the EFF. Should the EFF throw its new-found weight behind its stated mortal enemies, the ANC, the two parties would stand unchallenged in the national legislature.

AFRICANGLOBE - The ruling African National Congress (ANC) swept toward victory in South Africa's fifth post-apartheid election on Thursday, handing President Jacob Zuma the clout to push through pro-business reforms in the face of union and leftist opposition.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa and China are in talks for the establishment of a joint science and technology industrial park that will stimulate high-tech manufacturing industries in the former’s economy.

AFRICANGLOBE - Apartheid South Africa looked after White people and nobody else. Now some of its White communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country

AFRICANGLOBE - South Africa's national parks remain among the country's most popular family holiday destinations, with visitor numbers up by 2.4% in December compared to the previous year, SA National Parks (SANParks) reported on Monday.

AFRICANGLOBE - In many resource-rich countries the higher export prices often only benefited foreign-owned oil and mining companies and small economic and political elites. These groups benefited at the expense of the public.

AFRICANGLOBE - One of Africa’s harsh realities is not the absence of resources but the lack of the will to transform the continent’s economies to influence the global agenda. Much of Africa’s leadership is sucked up in activities that seek to perpetuate their stay in power.

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is home to powerful emerging economies, multinational corporations and one-eighth of the world’s burgeoning population. The global view of the continent is changing as its massive potential becomes apparent. Today, Africa is as easily defined by a more prudent use of our abundant resources – as we are by the sadly widening gap between the poor and the superrich.

AFRICANGLOBE - Innovation and technology hubs have been springing up across the continent in recent years. From Hive Colab in Uganda, to iHub in Kenya and to kLab in Rwanda, these ICT hubs were founded in an effort to catalyse tech and innovation by establishing a common space for knowledge transfer and resource sharing for Africa’s aspiring and tech savvy entrepreneurs.

AFRICANGLOBE - Joshua Keating has written a brief, thought-provoking article in Slate titled “The Optimistic Continent.” He notes that the World Economic Forum’s Survey on the Global Agenda identifies Africa as the world’s most optimistic region regarding the ability of institutions (public and private) to respond to “global challenges.”

AFRICANGLOBE - The roaring waters of the Congo River have the power to light up much of Africa - such is its huge hydroelectric potential.It has been a long-held continental dream to harness this renewable energy, but given the Democratic Republic of Congo's chequered past, it seemed likely to remain just that.However, thanks to a recent deal signed by South Africa promising to buy electricity from a planned hydroelectric project, in eight years' time it may start to become a reality.