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AFRICANGLOBE - President Jacob Zuma recently met Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir "to strengthen co-operation" between the two countries. The two misleaders committed themselves to more meetings, at ministerial level, and Zuma accepted an invitation by al-Bashir to visit Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s agreeing to sign the latest deal to restore peace has raised a glimmer of hope for the people of a country that has not known peace since fighting broke out in December 2013.

AFRICANGLOBE - The UN Security Council says it would "act immediately" if the South Sudanese president does not sign a long-awaited peace deal. The UN Security Council said it would take immediate, unspecified action if President Salva Kiir does not sign a deal to end a 20-month civil war in South Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE - Top secret Saudi documents published by Wikileaks Friday reveal intrigue surrounding politics in the Middle East, making claims about Iranian military involvement in South Sudan as well.

AFRICANGLOBE - The rivalry of gaining influence in South Sudan between China and USA has predictably entered a dangerous phase. In 2010, upon discovering that South Sudan purchased weapons and ammunitions from somewhere else other than USA, the American administration grew furious and threatened sanctions, not just against South Sudan, but also against Kenya, a country America accused of facilitating the deal of securing the arms purchase on behalf of South Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE - The South Sudanese government has explained circumstances under which it expelled Toby Lanzer, the United Nations relief coordinator in the country. The spokesperson for the presidency said the council of ministers reached the decision during its weekly meeting held on Friday last week.

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan troops based in South Sudan are not massing along the Sudan border, Ugandan military officials said on Tuesday, after Sudan's state news agency reported 16,000 Ugandan soldiers were due to arrive near the frontier.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar signed a deal in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on Sunday to put an end to the crisis that has been raging in their country for over a year now.

AFRICANGLOBE - An advanced party of Chinese combat troops is in South Sudan and the rest of the 700-strong contingent is due to arrive by early April, a U.N. official said on Friday, part of a surge in a U.N. mission to protect civilians in a nation mired in conflict.

AFRICANGLOBE - The South Sudanese army has decried recent threats by neighboring Sudan that it would pursue rebels into South Sudanese territory as a "declaration of war."

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese government forces are gang raping teenage girls and women in government-held areas of Blue Nile state in a pattern of terror against civilians, a rights group said on Monday. "Entire communities are trapped in camp-like conditions behind government lines, terrorised by government forces," said Daniel Bekele.

AFRICANGLOBE - A spokesperson for the United Nations secretary-general has dismissed as “false” media reports claiming the world body plans to place South Sudan into a trusteeship or protectorate due to delays in ongoing peace talks.

AFRICANGLOBE - China halted weapons sales to South Sudan after it discovered the state arms manufacturer sold millions of dollars worth of equipment to the country, a Chinese Embassy official said.

AFRICANGLOBE - While insisting the agreement did not allow Uganda to buy arms on behalf of South Sudan, Juuk also said that his government was looking into establishing an air defense system to defend itself from attacks emanating from neighboring Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE - Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned South Sudan's warring parties that their fights were working into the hands of countries like Sudan.

AFRICANGLOBE - South Sudan's government said it would not accept future elections or a census to be conducted by the United Nations, arguing it would undermine national sovereignty. "South Sudan is a sovereign country with sovereign institutions. If there is going to be elections, they will have to be organised by the people of South Sudan," presidential spokesperson Ateny Wek Ateny told reporters on Tuesday.

AFRICANGLOBE - It was the first time the bitter rivals had met since signing a ceasefire agreement in August in Ethiopia. This time the two South Sudanese leaders said the now divided ruling party, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), should be reunited. The SPLM brought the country independence after a long war with Khartoum.

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese President and fugitive war criminal Omar al-Bashir - in power since a 1989 coup - will stand for re-election in April 2015 after being retained as the leader of Sudan's ruling party, an adviser has said.

AFRICANGLOBE - A new round of violence between the South Sudan's democratically elected government and foreign backed rebels has cast renewed fears peace talks have become irreparably derailed.

AFRICANGLOBE - The South Sudanese government is sharply divided over the level of involvement of Western countries in the current conflict, amid claims some are providing support to rebels forces...

AFRICANGLOBE - China is sending hundreds of troops to join the U.N. "peacekeeping force" in South Sudan, where Chinese companies have major oil interests. Comments from China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday followed a report in the Wall Street Journal that said China was deploying troops to protect South Sudanese oil fields and the Chinese workers and installations around them.

AFRICANGLOBE - The conflicting parties of ‪South Sudan today signed the Implementation Matrix of the Cessation of Hostilities agreement and it's addition at the ongoing 27th Extraordinary Session of the IGAD Assembly of Heads of State and Government on the situation in South Sudan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, IGAD secretariat said.