The Black Onyx Appeal

The Black Onyx Appeal

Onyxes are beautiful gemstone. It comes in a lot of different colors, but perhaps the most famous shade is Black. Black onyxes are known to have an affinity to the zodiac sign Capricorn and is also said to mean healing, strength and protection. It is the perfect stone to adorn men’s jewelry because of its color, plus the wearer can be clued-up of the stone’s symbolism and that knowledge will add to its value. The popularity of onyxes has spanned throughout history, it has even been used as the material for sculpting beautiful images which were given to high ranking men as gifts. Now, any man can avail of the onyx and have it embellish the jewelry that he wears.

Black Onyxes

Most onyxes come striped and layered the way opals are, but sometimes they appear as perfect black stones – and these are the most famous ones. The dark hue has led them to be associated to the male gender. In fact, in Ancient Rome, they were worn as ornaments that were carved into the images of gods and soldiers often wore these items when they went off to war. The carved onyxes were worn as pendants on necklaces and on rings; some were even used as adornments for breastplates and shields. Because the onyx was a dark stone, it didn’t gain across the board popularity the way amber did. Women weren’t that interested in wearing onyx jewelry. No ‘onyx room’ was made to counter the golden beauty of the infamous ‘amber room’. But, this only contributed to the value that onyx has found in the world of men’s jewelry. As years went on, the onyx has continued to be popular because it became the ideal piece of gemstone for men. With the onyx, they can wear jewelry accepted by society as masculine.

Modern Day Use of Onyx

Using onyxes, it seems that the longer time goes by, the better the artisans has become when it comes to creating jewelry design for the gem. True, the classic and simple lines of previous styles will forever remain a staple, but demand of the younger set has made jewelers to push their design sensibilities and create unique designs that compliment the youthful rock and hip hop crowd. A popular pairing with onyxes is platinum. Platinum is one of the most used materials in jewelry making and it has been continually used as a compliment to the dark shade of onyxes.

Where to Get Your Onyx Fix?

You can get onyx jewelry for men at almost every jeweler. If you are looking for customized onyx jewelry, you can look for a local jewelry maker that does just that. You can also get good discounts if you purchase rings from catalogues and online – just make sure that you are getting authentic pieces.

Onyxes are beautiful dark soft stones that can be easily carved into any shape and form. They are perfect for men because their dark color is masculine enough to allow the men in your life to wear socially acceptable jewelry. Plus, onyxes are inherently stylish and readily available.

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