Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Meet the AK-74 Cottonmouth Assault Rifle

Black Ops Airsoft Guns: Meet the AK-74 Cottonmouth Assault Rifle

The Black Ops AK-74 Cottonmouth ( may be one of the most prized Black Ops airsoft guns on the market. With so many features, you’ll think you’re firing the real deal! The first thing you’ll notice when handling this gun is the full metal body. No cheap plastic handles or gear box that breaks the first time you use it. This thing looks and feels real. The stock swings in and out, giving you options according to your shooting style. With it’s pistol grip and trigger guard mag release, it’s designed with quality and authenticity in mind. It even has electric blowback that gives you an authentic firing recoil.

The AK-74 is one of many in the impressive line of Black Ops airsoft guns sold at ( It fires up to 400 FPS using .12g BB’s. That’s professional grade! The magazine holds 500 rounds with the rifle and is capable of emptying it in less than a minute; reaching an output of 600 rounds per minute. It has a semi and full automatic shooting mode. It also features an adjustable hop up and sights that increases accuracy and distance. It also includes a rechargeable 8.4 Ni-MH battery and charger.

A little history behind the AK-74: It is a Russian automatic assault rifle that came about in the 1970’s. Designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov to replace the AKM, the rifle was converted to an intermediate-caliber (5.45x39mm) cartridge making it more accurate than the AKM. it was first used in 1979 by Soviet forces against Afghanistan and is still used by most countries of the former Soviet Union. Today there are several variants of the rifle designed for specific purposes. The AK-74 Black Ops airsoft guns most closely resemble the AKS-74U with it’s folding stock, shortened design, and fully automatic carbine. This gun was designed primarily for use by special forces, armored vehicle crews, airborne infantry and is very often used by urban law enforcement. (

So if you’re looking for something to impress your friends…or take them out in an airsoft battle, the Black Ops AK-74 Cottonmouth Airsoft Assault Rifle ( should be on your side. Whether you are looking for a little target practice or enjoy the battered bruising of an all out airsoft war, this weapon is a superior choice. Let’s be honest, your friends will be jealous!

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