What Are Black Ops?

What Are Black Ops?

Was 9/11 a Black Op Which Served a Dual Purpose? Elites Gained Endless War and Destruction of Most of the Constitution When They Felled the Twin Towers Using Controlled Demolition.

A black op is a covert operation involving activities which are highly secretive and can be associated with political, military, intelligence, scientific, medical or business agendas.

They’re used to manipulate sensitive or controversial issues. It is sometimes helpful to hide behind a smoke-screen to hide the real intention of the action. Black op missions are commonly denied if or when a leak does occur and public knowledge of the coup is made known, as most times the actions of the group are questionable and draw attention to illegal government or corporate activities.

Typically in black ops, a decoy operation is used to present the appearance that responsibility lies with a certain individual or group when a completely different entity is responsible for the carnage.

In looking back and seeing that 9/11 was the catalyst for Bush to declare a state of emergency, which allowed him to establish constitutional dictatorship, it is obviously black op that paved the way for America’s entry into the war on Iraq.

It is also the black op that is used to disguise the restriction of civil rights, and it is the justification for the development of the Department of Homeland Security, which has endangered more of the people’s rights than any single act of legislation in the history of American government.

A covert operation is traditionally associated with such activities as assassinations, sabotage, spying, military coups, extortion, fraud, supporting resistance movements, weapons testing, torture, trafficking in contraband and other such illegal and questionable government and corporate activities.

Technically, any government operation that is considered classified and to which access to the information is denied is considered a black op, and we all know that our American government has plenty of operations they do not disclose to the voting public.

Covert operations go on all the time in government as demonstrated by the assassination of President Kennedy, the Iran-Contra Affair and Watergate, as well as all the spying that has gone on in the two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and the two gulf wars.

Many times government intelligence agencies are involved in a black op and if that information were made public, it would endanger lives and possibly national security which can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

Because the covertness of the operations can be justified by a need for safety or national security, it leaves a margin of error for those who would seek to defraud the system by using secrecy as a tool for deception rather than a device for protection.

Many times one covert operation is linked closely with another covert operation and involves many persons or agencies; so it is very difficult to get to discover the whole truth, even if the operation itself is exposed.

To determine who is involved, establish a motive for the crime and prosecute and punish the guilty parties is extremely difficult, as the smoke screen of secrecy is rarely penetrated, and the entire truth is rarely told.