The Black Tie Penguin Suit: The Mens Tuxedo

The Black Tie Penguin Suit: The Mens Tuxedo

The girl of your dreams just agreed to grace your arm at the senior prom. Unfortunately, the only suit you have in your closet is the one you wore for family pictures when you were five. What do you do?

The love of your life has just heartily consented to be your wife, but all your suits are purely for business. What do you do?

There is a simple answer to your desperate question- get your hands on a tuxedo. Tuxedos have a long and glorious history of being the top of the line in mens fashions. From the dance floor to the altar, tuxedos will make you look good and feel good and are very easy to acquire too.

Tuxedos, Tuxedos, Everywhere
If you are looking for a tuxedo for the special night in high school, visiting your local tuxedo retailer will ensure that you will find a tuxedo that fits your body, style, and purpose.

Tuxedo stores are filled to the brim with many different types of tuxedos, with tails and without; different colors of tuxedos- gray, navy, black or white; different styles of tuxedos- striped, solid colored, single or double breasted and different fabrics – silk, cotton, or satin. A tuxedo is essentially an outward showing of your inward style and tastes. If you want to be the life of the party, choose a tuxedo in bright colors and deck yourself out in a shirt with frills. If you want to dazzle and charm with your look, choose a black tuxedo, crisp white shirt, and a black bow tie. Your prom is one of the highlights of your high school years. You will want it to be special- a night of memories that you can share with your friends and families for years. You tuxedo should be chosen with this in mind.

Walking Down the Aisle in Style: The Importance of a Well-Fitting Tux
Choosing a tuxedo for your wedding is a very delicate thing. Not only do you have to choose a tuxedo based on your size and style, but you also have to keep the colors and theme of your wedding in mind. Your fiance might not appreciate you showing up for the ceremony in a baby blue tuxedo when the whole affair is in dark greens and reds.

Color is important but so is fit. Yes, you can rent a tuxedo, but you are running the risk of having to wear a tux that is ill-fitting. An ill-fitting tuxedo can make you look distinctly unattractive. Understandably, your bride to be might not find anything humorous about it.

When your wedding rolls around, you will want to have purchased a tuxedo from a reputable tuxedo retailer that has fitted the tux to your frame and has assisted you in choosing a tuxedo that will leave a lingering smile on your beloveds face.

Tuxedos can be purchased in a retail store or online. To those looking to purchase online, there is a caveat; it will be hard to know if the tuxedo you are ordering is actually going to fit you and online return policies are always a little tricky.

Whether you are dreaming of your prom night or eagerly anticipating your wedding day, take your time when buying a tuxedo.

Hendrik loves to write about mens fashion. Not only does he write about it, but he also lives it. He is moderator of several mens fashion blogs, and is also the founder of a retailer selling mens ties, bow ties, cufflinks, black ties, and pocket squares.