Find Balance And Strength In The History Of Taekwondo

Find Balance And Strength In The History Of Taekwondo

The world of martial arts is long and interesting. The history of Taekwondo shows the powers of adaption and growth in the Korean life. This word means to strike or break with foot which gives you an insight into the makeup of this type of martial arts.

The basis for many of the martial arts was to give the military a hand to hand form of combat. However, the soldiers chosen to learn this art were special and given the name of Twarag. These individual excelled at strength and speed. Once they had these important basics down they morphed this practice into a way to survive.

To have the name Twarag meant that you developed more than just your body. It meant that your dedication to the power you had physically extended to the mind as well. They studied important subjects like history and philosophy to understand the mind of their competitor. Then they delved into the ethics to keep that evenness in their mind even when they were fighting. Learning horsemanship gave them an advantage in how and where they could fight.

When the nation of Japan moved through Korean the practice of taekwondo changed. The invading force squelched the opportunity for their usual practice but influenced with their own style of martial arts. With the new aspects melted in a new version of the martial art emerged.

The focus and power of this martial art comes from kicking. As it is aptly named using the foot is both strong and wise. There is a lot of force that can be sent through the leg and foot and it can be quite effective in hand to hand combat. One of the philosophies of the Korean people was that the hands were necessary and important, too vital to be used in fighting. So the legs were taught to be powerful with speed. Then the aspects of being strong and steady allowed for a participant to be balanced and grounded.

Taekwondo is one of the most popular types of martial arts if rated in the number of people who practice it. It is practiced in over one hundred countries and there are over three million black belts. The belt ranks are called dan. The two styles within this practice are Kukkiwon which is sparring and the other is the International Taekwondo Federation. The sparring practice has been given a place in the Olympics and is practiced in the summer games.

What began to be used in battle has become a testament to the aspects of training and dedication. The individuals that are involved in this martial art do so to develop more than just their physical strength. The basis of the practice is to combine the mind and spirit together and create a balance of the greatest sort.

The inspiration that resided behind the warriors of developing not only their physical body but their intellectual soul as well is the basis of the history of Taekwondo.

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