History And Function Of A Simple Invention

History And Function Of A Simple Invention

Cup holders have become part and parcel of automobiles in this day and age. In fact these cup holders have become a common comfort giving device in almost all cars today. People gain some pleasure in sipping their favorite beverage from cups held in cup holders which implies that cup holders have become quite significant in contemporary automobiles.

Cup holders have a lower supporting area that gets folded, and also a ratcheting arm that is able to keep in place beverage holders of various sizes. Many of these are located at the ends of the instrument panel in close proximity to cooling vents. Cup holders assume importance on account of the fact that most meals are accompanied by beverages and people need to support the cups that hold these beverages. While some of these may be large enough to hold even a large Starbucks coffee cup, sometimes only one side of the cup is held by the lower leg with the other end being perched quite precariously.

Cup holders can have straight or even wedge shaped arms in order to afford a customized beverage holding plan. They are mostly preferred by Americans, with Europeans being not too keen on these. In fact Europeans would not even miss it if there were no cup holder in the car, which is reflected in car design in Europe which often gives cup holders a skip. Cup holders are generally designed to stay well out of view and quite unobtrusive too.

If you want to consume a hot beverage, using a cup holder makes great sense and act as a device for personal safety. There could be a problem if any of the hot beverage spills on one’s lap. Cup holders can be very versatile and are great in airplanes. Some of the cup holders are foldable and can be used on beaches and lounge chairs to hold cold beverages.

Cup holders for cars come available in many combinations of cup layouts, rim designs, depth dimensions and diameter sizes. One-piece units can come standard in a satin aluminum or other metal finishes. A preferred model however comes in black plastic, including two Velcro straps and two foam pads. To release the cup holder, simply unlatch the Velcro straps, removing them from around the armrest. Then pull the cup holder off of the armrest.

The trend of featuring cup holders on-built started in the’80s in minivans with these vehicles still being the ones that offer them in the greatest number. Some of the first minivans also had trays that could be folded out of the dashboard. With the passage of time, the cup holder has become a regular and much sought after feature in North American automobiles.

Blake Masters writes on the beverage holder and how it relates to travel supplies.