A Brief History Of Panasonic

A Brief History Of Panasonic

Panasonic was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in Japan in 1918 and was originally known as Matsushita. Konosuke initially operated from a rented two-story house where he used the first floor to manufacture electric devices.

It wasnt long before Panasonic outgrew the upstairs of his house and it needed to move to a large workshop in 1920 which allowed them to make additional products. Virtually from the beginning Panasonics products were innovative, well designed, high quality and at affordable prices. One of the initial products that Panasonic made was a double adaptor which made it possible to connect two light bulbs into a single socket. The growth of Panasonic continued until 1922 when it was necessary to move to yet a bigger building.

Panasonic created another successful product during 1923 which was a bicycle lamp that was in a bullet shape with a battery that had a life that was ten times longer than comparable products on the market.

Panasonics innovation continued and in 1927 they manufactured an affordable iron that was electric.

As radios became more popular in the 1930s Panasonic produced a 3 tube radio in 1931, which was known as the R31 that won awards for its design. Panasonic created unique design features that they patented and then permitted competing manufactures to use to help support growth of the acceptance and take up of radio.

In 1952 Panasonic had designed a rectangular cathode ray tube (CRT) which was an industry first. Up to this point television tubes had been round but they soon all became rectangular. They incorporated their rectangular tube in to an affordable black and white television. Throughout the 1950s Panasonic also researched ways of recording video.

In 1960 Panasonic manufactured their first mass produced colour cathode ray tube television.

Panasonic was the first company in the world to make a rewriteable optical disc recorder that recorded video signals in 1991. They also created a charter in which they committed to protecting the environment.

Since its inception in 1918 Panasonic has grown into a company that now has three hundred and six thousand employees spread over its six hundred companies and is now the fifth largest manufacturer of electronic items in the world. They also have over forty thousand patents within Japan and fifty four thousand patents out of Japan. Their product range extends to over fifteen thousand products which they sell all around the world. In 2007 they registered a larger number of patents than any other company in the world.

To begin with Konosukes Panasonic company and its employees strived to find ways of designing and manufacturing top quality products that provided solutions to everyday problems of the average person. This was done by questioning the standard way of doing things and finding ways of manufacturing products that were better than products that already existed. This philosophy has been applied throughout Panasonic history and today Panasonic still applies these same principals in every product that they manufacture.

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