The History Of Shamballa Bracelets

The History Of Shamballa Bracelets

Now expanding pop culture phenomena, especially in hip-hop fashion, Shamballa bracelets were once a traditional prayer accessory for meditation. These simple little beaded accessories are taking center stage with celebrities and gaining momentum in jewelry and clothing stores everywhere.

Shamballa, sometimes spelled Shambhala, is a Tibetan Buddhist mythical kingdom meant to be the epitome of perfection, peace, and enlightenment. It is said to be hidden deep inside mainland Asia and hard to locate. In modern society the myth and history spawned a secular culture around meditation.

Given that many of the pop culture uses of the bracelet often overlook its intention, it has still garnered plenty of attention for its aesthetics in fashion. A Shamballa bracelet is gender neutral. It features a series of beads interwoven in a cord or string. Amazingly enough, the major breakthrough in the West was the result of the design’s popularity in hip-hop. Who would have thought that the baggy jeans, baseball caps, and tees would fit well with such an accessory? However, the more modern hip hop fashion is actually very much about having nice things. Bigger brand names began to emerge in the 2000s and higher end elements were introduced alongside the casual wear. This is probably why you could find finer jewelry as a complement to the tracksuits and tattoos.

Of course, the trend went way beyond hip-hop. It is one of the few jewelry accessories popular with men. Men’s bracelets are far a few between. Aside from chains and cuffs, the Shamballa bracelets are probably the other major player. They look good with jeans, a cap, and skate wear as proven in hip-hop culture but they also look really cool when worn with a button down and khakis. This makes them a very useful item to own. They are also a lot less flashy. They are comfortable and easy to put on. They’re a no-nonsense article of clothing.

The beads come in all different colors. The most popular are white and black, with onyx being the most common material. However, if you look you will see that there are plenty of options. Some are made from black diamonds, others are colored crystals. If you like pearls they have plenty of those too. And there are necklaces that match them. Religious items also coincide since the meditation practices are non-discriminatory to affiliation. There really is no limit to these items as part of your wardrobe.

The Shamballa bracelet has a classic appeal that transcends any one style of dressing. It is one of the more versatile pieces to own.

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