Magic Of Black Diamond Jewelry

Magic Of Black Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but a black diamond was the answer to my prayers. My wife had been pestering me for weeks making sure that I remembered our anniversary. Honestly, I forgot even with all the reminders. I just added it all up to be nothing more than just nagging.

Two days prior to the anniversary my wife was laying in bed, “Honey, I love you and I am going to give you your anniversary present early.” She proceeds to pull out a pair of tickets to game one of the NBA finals and places them on my pillow.

Now I have a week to attempt to top, the greatest gift of all time. Backed in a corner I had a week to top the coolest thing a guy could possibly get as an anniversary present. Can we say: Panic? I was in trouble, for sure. How does a guy compete with tickets to the championship game?

The next day I told a colleague of mine of my dilemma, and he suggests black diamond jewelry. That was when every jewelry store and website a place of interest. He introduced me to the secret weapon that would knock her socks off.

It was when I discovered a gem that is only found on two continents and so rare that it is rumored that it was formed in space: The black diamond. I knew this was the rare gem that I was looking for.

Called carbonado, but more commonly known as the black diamond, is rumored to have fallen from outer space when a star exploded sending a diamond bearing asteroid to earth billions of years ago. Diamonds are known to be formed deep beneath the Earth’s surface and taking anywhere from 1 billion to 100 million years to form.

However black diamonds are known to be at least 3.8 billion years old. Consisting of a hydrogen bond that is consistent with interstellar space and linking them to possibly have been formed in a super nova explosion.

Black diamond history is fascinating and the fine jewelry that is springs from its beauty provided me with a gift for my wife that she will cherish for years, like I will enjoy the game.

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