Orchid History Still Ongoing

Orchid History Still Ongoing

The exquisite orchid in your garden is not only beautiful because of its blooms but because of its silent strength that still endures the test of time. Orchid history goes a long way back in history–as long as when dinosaurs existed. Just imagine, this exquisite plant just waiting to be taken cared of can tell you about the dinosaurs if they can just talk.Orchids actually witness how the world unfolds, from the time of the dinosaurs up to the present time. Even if orchids are ancient, they were only written in literature a short time back Greece was one of the first countries to document this beautiful plant.

. In Greece, orchids were used in association with the local word for testicles, orchis. Orchids are often associated with sexual organs and reproduction not only in Greece but in other countries as well. China would look at orchids as symbol for prolific childbearing while Japan tells of a story about an emperor’s barren wife sniffing orchids and in the end, gave 12 children to the emperor. Orchid history would not only tell us about its sexual allusion. Orchids are also known to possess medicinal properties.

Orchids would allay nausea and rouse appetite among chemotherapy patients. Food flavoring and perfume can also be some of the uses of orchids.

Orchid history, as rich as it is, was made even richer by William Cattley. The orchid Cattleya Libiata was named after him. He was from London and the beautiful Cattleya Libiata was credited to him. London, compared to other cities, knew of orchids a bit late. Orchids were only introduced to English people when the trade of imported flowers became economically significant. Orchids, as tough as they are, had a hard time adjusting in London and had to be raised almost exclusively in a botanical garden. But Cattley, smitten by the exquisite beauty of orchids, used his money to raise his own orchid garden. He had numerous failures, but in the end, because of his resolution, he was successful. Orchids were once considered a rich man’s plant because of this time of difficulty in growing them.

Orchid history, as charming as it is, charms us even more. It is interesting to know that regardless of the big number in orchid varieties, the perfect black orchid is not discovered or created yet.

Scientists are still in a quest in finding or creating this kind of orchid. And just very recently, in 2009, an interesting discovery has been made- The smallest orchid, only 2.1mm wide was found growing on another plant’s roots in Ecuador.

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