Toby Keith Tickets – Keith Joins Nashville Trend Singing about American Life

Toby Keith Tickets – Keith Joins Nashville Trend Singing about American Life

The United States’ current economic situation must be calling for its own song- in the country music realm, at least. Over the past few months, several country songs by various artists in the industry have dominated airwaves with lyrics concerning American life and the current recession, and Toby Keith has not escaped this trend, releasing his newest single “American Ride” this week to the same tune.

A tongue-in-cheek song that covers everything from suing for petty issues to plastic surgery and global warming, “American Ride” is exactly the kind of song Toby Keith’s fans have been craving, and the brand new single joins a slew of other saucy songs on the country music front that exemplify the same love-hate relationship with the country we all love. Other country hits dealing with economic hardships and nationwide changes are as follows:

Brad Paisley, “Welcome to the Future” – A song that plays to the tune of the same fiddle as “American Ride,” Paisley’s “Welcome to the Future” outlines the changes in America over the past several decades, most notably being the election of an African American as president: “I had a friend in school/ Running back on the football team/ They burned a cross in his front yard/ For asking out the homecoming queen./ I thought about him today/ Everybody who’s seen what he’s seen/ From a woman on a bus/ To a man with a dream.”

John Rich, “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” – John Rich, one-half of the knockout duo Big & Rich, recently composed a stinging song about bailouts and factory workers, accusing, “Cause in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down/ While the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town/ And D.C.’s bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground/ Yeah they’re living it up on Wall Street in that New York City town/ Here in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down.”

Hank Williams Jr., “Red, White and Pink Slip Blues” – Not ever one to follow trends, Hank Jr. must have considered the dire situation of America’s factory workers a huge problem, as his “Red, White and Pink Slip Blues” sings a similar tune to that of John Rich’s most recent single: “I used to love this town, and this neighborhood/ The streets were safe, the schools were good/ The mill was hummin’, 24-7/ I was the foreman on the line, three to 11/ But 18 months and two days ago/ The mill closed down and moved to Mexico/ I paid my bills, I paid my dues/ An’ I paid my share of taxes too/ Now I can’t buy my babies’ shoes/ I got these red, white and pink-slip blues.”

Jimmy Buffett, “A Lot to Drink About” – Perhaps the most light-hearted of all the ‘life in America’ songs, Jimmy Buffett’s “A Lot to Drink About” sums up the recession, presidential faux pas and Middle East conflict with seven words: “We’ve got a lot to drink about.” The clever chorus goes a little something like this: “It’s the price of oil/ The war of the spoils/ Where’s the bucket for the big bailout?/ Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan/ We’ve got a lot to drink about.”

Now that Toby Keith has released “American Ride” to a similar storyline as the above-mentioned American living tunes, fans with Toby Keith tickets are sure to hear the following chorus at shows around the nation: “That’s us, that’s right/ Gotta love this American ride/ Both ends of the ozone burnin’/ Funny how the world keeps turnin’/ Look maw, no hands/ I love this American ride/ Gotta love this American ride.” Keith sums it up best by embracing America for the good and the bad, and you can hear him play this star-spangled song live when you get concert tickets to an upcoming show online.

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