Visiting The Black Forest in Germany

Visiting The Black Forest in Germany

There are many fascinating things to see in Germany, but once that simply cannot be missed is the Black Forest. Under threat from pollution, this densely forested area is simply awe inspiring.

The Black Forest is known for a lot of things. Oddly, food is one of them. Well, at least a particular cake. The Cherry Schnapps influenced Black Forest Gateau is as wicked and delightful as it sounds. Ah, but there is obviously much more to the area.

The Black Forest has a long history of logging as you might expect with a forest. Logging is no longer allowed on a big scale, so a new niche has come up. The Black Forest is now known for carved wood cuckoo clocks.

The Black Forest is a hot bed of rumors. From elves to witches to sorcerers, the forest is the basis of many a fairy tale and plenty of folklore. Given the density of the woods, it is not hard to see why such stories and myths have developed.

The tales are certainly interesting, but you probably are going to want something a bit more filling sooner or later. Specifically, we are talking food. From cakes to schnapps, the Black Forest has plenty of the usual German food treats.

The Black Forest is a big area, but there are some areas you definitely want to visit. The small town of Freiberg is a classic German forest town. Rent a bike and go for a ride to take in the cute town and clean air.

If you are looking for jewelry, Pforzheim is the Black Forest town for you. Established long ago by the Romans, it was a mercantile trading center. Now, you can find hand made pieces and just take in the beauty of the area.

One of my personal favorites in the Black Forest is Triberg. It is a small town with a lot to do. After the heavy German cuisine, you are going to want to walk a bit. Triberg is full of paths through the forest for any level of hiker.

No matter where you go in the Black Forest, you can be sure that you will find a comfortable inn to lay your head once your busy day is done. Every little village is amazing as is the forest as a whole.

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