Africa Safari – Top 5 Lodges And Camps In Africa

Africa Safari – Top 5 Lodges And Camps In Africa

When travelers go on a vacation one of the most important things that they need to plan is where they are going to stay. While some might be contended with simple accommodation, others would prefer luxury and exotic accommodation and this does not come cheap.

It takes a considerable amount of investment by the accommodation provider to provide top notch facilities and the high costs. In the African continent, we look at some of the 5 expensive vacation properties that promise to offer their clients an unforgettable experience.

Ol Donyo Wuas Eco-lodge in Kenya

This lodge is located on the way to Amboseli National Park in Kenya and is an hour away from the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi. A tourist coming by flight can land at the airport and go to this lodge. Some of the recreational activities one can indulge in include horse riding. Ol Donyo Wuas has a total of 7 lodges and around the property there are wide open fields that one can take long casual strolls. Construction of the lodge has been done using local materials and everything about the place is indigenous. A beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro overlooks the area.

Main Governors Camp

Comprising of tents, the Main Governors was founded in the year 1972 and since then has become a hot destination spot for Americans. Spread over the banks of a nearby river, the tents are sufficient spaced apart giving enough privacy to the guests. The camp offers good amenities like food and hot water and the atmosphere around the place makes people appreciate nature and at the same time have a great camping experience.

The Magnificent Mnemba Island Lodge

This lodge consists of bandas which have been hand woven using traditional palm matting. Each of them has a veranda which is spacious enough to lie down and relax. Apart from this, all the 10 bandas available for public use have been constructed so they get shaded by the beach forests in the surroundings. It boasts of beautiful woodcarvings done by the locals which add grace to the location.

Sabi Sabi Luxury Lodge

One of the most expensive luxury lodges in the African continent. The Sabi Sabi Luxury Lodge is known for the many species of birds that call this place home. Birdwatchers from all across the world can come here to to enjoy their beauty even as they study them. Like we said, this is an expensive lodge but for those that love luxury and fine living, price would not be a bother to them.

The Fregate Private Island

Located far from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Fregate Private Islands comprises of 16 well furnished villas in Seychelles. The villas have been deliberately made few to keep the number of people on the island to a minimum at any given point of time which helps maintain privacy. No outsiders are allowed though the day and the guests can enjoy the wonderful world class services with a full time butler always assigned to serve their needs.

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