AFRICANGLOBE – African refugees in Israel face violence, discrimination and an uncertain future.

Tensions came to a head in Tel Aviv this April with a Molotov cocktail attack on African homes and a creche.

In a country where refugees are seen as ‘infiltrators’ and a ‘cancer’, Isayas is a refugee attempting to change the situation on the ground.

He escaped Eritrea after being imprisoned and tortured and is now trying to gather support and build a network to improve the plight of those fleeing war-torn countries.

He works tirelessly to organise sit-ins and marches to challenge the construction of the world’s largest detention centre for refugees.

Isayas’ energy is endless but even he has moments when the pressure gets too much.

  • Unless those African immigrants know how to catch rockets with their bare hands (and are willing to join the Israeli army), they should leave. Israeli is not a safe place for them. Heck, Israel is not safe for Israelis right now. Get a clue!

  • Whatever u will say is a lie. We Africans like Israel more than the US and Europe .