Birthday Traditions For Different Countries

Birthday Traditions For Different Countries

Birthdays are synonymous to fun and celebrations in every corner of the world. Nevertheless, the way you celebrate the joyful occasion can greatly depend on the place you are residing in. Birthdays are celebrated in varied ways in different countries ranging from simple, sweet to funny and wild. Let’s shed some light on the various birthday traditions worldwide.

Talking of a different birthday celebration, the 1st country that deserves a mention is Africa. In Africa, people celebrate initiation ceremonies instead of normal birthday parties. Initiation ceremony concentrates on imparting learning to the child as related to the laws, customs, and beliefs of the country. However, the ceremony is performed only when the kid reaches a specific age.

Argentina has an unusual birthday tradition. In the country, girls are supposed to perform a dance on waltz on their 15th birthday with their father and other boys. This is quite a healthy tradition as any kind of dance helps maintaining overall health. It also helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

Canada too makes to the list of countries following funny birthday traditions. The birthday celebration centers on greasing the nose of the birthday girl or boy with butter. This is done as a good omen to ensure that bad luck slips away from the nose of the individual. An additional tradition followed in Canada, especially in Quebec on occasion of birthday is to punch the birthday boy or gal. The number of punches must be equivalent to the age of the person.

In Brazil, earlobes are pulled to celebrate peoples’ birthdays. On each birthday, the earlobes of the individual are pulled as many times as their age on the day. The birthday boy or girl is also expected to present the first slice of the birthday cake to the most significant individual in their lives. Girls celebrating their 15th birthday are even expected to dance with 15 different boys on the day; with every individual boy representing a year of her life. All that dancing is certain to improve general fitness levels too.

If you wish to get rich on your birthday, then China is the place to be. In china, the birthday boy/ girl receives a considerable sum of money from his/her elders as a birthday present . The guests are invited for lunch. Noodles make for a staple for birthday lunches.

If you are in Denmark, there is no way that you can keep your birthday a secret. Every household in Denmark places a flag outside their home whenever they have any family member’s birthday. Another sweet birthday tradition in Denmark is to put the gift along the bedside of the kid when he/she is fast asleep. This ensures that the present is the first thing that comes to the kid’s notice in the morning and brings a smile on his face that lasts for the whole day.

Regardless of the varied birthday traditions followed the world over, all share the common thread of blessing happiness and luck to the birthday gal or boy.

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