Changing Nature of Hollywood Inspires Social

Changing Nature of Hollywood Inspires Social

Ben Affleck queued at the TED conference, a California lecture series about technology, entertainment and design, jokingly said “the Academy Award for smart people”, and is not imaginable to even most politically active stars of yesteryears who could attend an “insipid” conference after winning Oscar four days ago. Ben Affleck said in an interview that he met people who were doing great work in their oblivion.

The father of three and happily married to Jennifer Garner, this Hollywood star doesn’t much sway away with numerous Hollywood movie awards for his film Argo. A long and arduous journey from Gigli (2003) to Argo – 40 years old Affleck surely symbolizes Hollywood new wave of masculinity with a heart. An active philanthropist, Ben Affleck is seen in various celebrity charity events, actively involves in eastern Congo philanthropist and attends various conferences.

He is not alone. Hollywood A-list celebrities have exhibited this new mantra of living by helping downtrodden, more socially aware and inspire people not just in reel life but also real. Just take the example of Angelina Jolie who started trekking a decade ago to Darfur and actively involves with her husband Brad Pitt in growing Jolie-Pitt foundation.

The big names in Hollywood news such as George Clooney, Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Don Cheadle, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon along with many others are doing serious social work and keeping parties and social gatherings to a minimum. Paparazzi do not find much subject on people like Channing Tatum happily married, making his own movies and quietly does social work for animals and environmental charity organizations.

In recent years the nature of film making has also been changed, and it could be an attribute to the growing concern of environment, downtrodden and social work.

Meet the New Hollywood Heroes

Ben Affleck – 40 year-old Affleck is credited with important films like Argo, Good Will Hunting, and The Town etc. He’s married to actress Jennifer Garner, father of three and eastern Congo philanthropist.

George Clooney – This ladies’ man awarded with two Oscars and nominated for eight. He is a chairman of a loose group of non-profit leading men. An ardent advocates for Darfur and actively involves in many charity works while doing serious movie business.

Matt Damon – Jason Bourne won the Academy Award for best original screenplay for Good Will Hunting. He is also known for his active engagement with various charitable works such as, H2O Africa Foundation and ONE Campaign.

Leonardo DiCaprio – The six times Oscar nominee is a staunch environmentalist and donated heavily to earthquake victims and wildlife conservation.

Brad Pitt – This Hollywood hunk spend his less known days with his partner Angelina Jolie in Jolie-Pitt foundation. The actor won several awards and nominated for 4 Academy Awards contributed to number of charitable works.

Channing Tatum – This Hollywood star rated “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine, but very few know that he is a quiet person and happily married. He produces his own movies and does work for wildlife and environment without much ado.

John Hampton is a freelance contributor to many magazines. He also organizes event and attends Hollywood movie awards, celebrity charity events for his stories. He has been contributing actively to Hollywood news from past 6 years.