Children of the Future Changing the World Today

Children of the Future Changing the World Today

Most grown-ups would agree that the children of the world are our future and that is the responsibility of adults to teach children about the responsibilities of life. Conversely, Angela Schwindt was once quoted saying, “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” The children from are a perfect example of her words. They are taking action at a young age to make great changes in their world and have high hopes and dreams to fulfill. All they need is a little bit of an investment from some adults to make it all happen.

It all started with a vision. Ten year old Talia Leman told her mother she wanted to raise one million dollars for the people who lost everything in hurricane Katrina. Four months and ten million dollars later, she was able to connect kids from different schools to make her dream come true. Through all of this RandomKid was born and Talia is their CEO. To date, they’ve reported $ 350,000 for other groups with children in all the fifty states and in many other countries in the world.

Kids, along with their parents, teachers and youth leaders contact RandomKid through their website to initiate new projects and learn all about how they too can be a Random Kid. Talia and the staff of RandomKid believe in the “Power of ANY One” and say that all children are welcome to be involved in their programs.

Social causes are very important to the youth of today and this is proof to RandomKid that their programs are essential. Since most schools and youth groups are too busy with educational programs, places like RandomKid make it accessible for children of all ages to take action in causes they can relate to.

Presently, there are 110 schools (which equals 33,000 students) ready and waiting to get involved with a project through RandomKid. The task at hand is to find new funding because RandomKid has maxed out their current capacity.

Talia (who is presently 13 years old) is now looking for venture capital. She has a prospectus that she’s happy to share with serious investors. This is a kid who has a track record for bringing in a great return on investment.

In 2006, Talia won the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, which awarded her a $ 2000 cash prize. Instead of spending this prize on herself, Talia invested the full amount into an idea to sell key chains to build homes in the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. That $ 2000 investment turned into $ 50,000 in sales!

Next, Talia decided to take the $ 2000 gift money and put it back into another business. This time it went to bottled water businesses ran by children. This investment helped sell over 40,000 bottles of water and also purchased a new well for a village in South Africa for clean drinking water.

If this isn’t impressive enough, RandomKid just received news that Talia has won what many refer to as the “Nobel Prize for Children” from – an honor she gratefully shares with other amazing children from all over the globe.

I encourage you to find out more of RandomKid and feel free to tell everyone you know about Talia’s mission to inspire children everywhere that they truly are powerful and can make a difference. It only takes one person to make changes in the world, even if that person is a child. As Corrie ten Boom once said, “The measure of a life, after all is not its duration,but its donation.

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