How to Know About Global Stock Markets

How to Know About Global Stock Markets

Trading in foreign markets and between foreign markets, be it Chinese, Indian or European markets has become a reality for day traders across the globe and even on the African continent. Here is some advice to get you started in global trading.

Trading stock markets has already changed with the using of Internet. You couldn’t play yourself on the stock market; you need to have a broker. By 2005, the market has moved towards online trading with the development of Internet after 1998. Now you can go online, open an international account with a bank and start trading international markets.

If you want to become a global trader, you have to choose which is the best trading style is for you. Especially, your trading style depends on your personality, the time you have to trade and your knowledge regarding market. Most traders prefer the electronic trading, which is absolutely safe. If, you want to buy a share quicker than other traders, you have to make a higher offer. The electronic environment is a queuing system. If you buy the share at the current market price, you simply go to the back of the line. All orders are filled from the front. If you want to sell now, sell at the lower price and jump the queue.

If you really understand the markets and how the four environmental factors influence shares – economy, politics, business and technology – then your gut instinct starts to kick in. It only does the better your knowledge and skills. It’s different than reacting on fear or greed. Gut instinct is not emotion. It comes with experience.

A good trader must have complete discipline, work ethic, commit to the trading strategy (not breaking its own rules) and the work schedule. A good trader needs to understand that if anything happens in the Asian markets, how would that ripple-effect South Africa, for example? We are heading towards 24 hour forex news, where we can get any types of trading news anytime. The Internet didn’t give an advantage, it just made possible for trading hours to become more complex.

Markets move in an irrational manner. It’s not always buy when a share price goes up. Sometimes shares prices fall with good news and go up following bad news. If the market expected better news than the news that came out, the share price falls, if the market expected worse news than the news that came out, the share price rises.
As a trader, you must know what these things mean. You can learn to trade. The better your knowledge, the more you can trade. You must have full knowledge of the companies you’re buying shares from. What do the companies do? How different are they from the competitors? How did the share prices performed in the last months?

You would perhaps wonder how effective is trading in global markets as a wealth creation tool, as opposed to other means of investments like retirement funds or property investment. The question is: Why should anyone in the world be limited to invest only in their country? One should be able to move money anywhere in the world as he pleases. If one country collapses, you should be able to move you money and be competitive worldwide.

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