The Good and the Bad News About Hoodia Gordonii

The Good and the Bad News About Hoodia Gordonii

Lesly Stahl of 60 Minutes gave a report about Hoodia Gordonii on November 21, 2004. She reported that Hoodia Gordonii happens to be a purely natural appetite suppressant. Scientists believe that the brain is tricked into thinking you are full when, in fact, you have only eaten a little bit.

Hoodia is a small, succulent plant that only grows in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa. It really looks much like a dill pickle that is covered in spines. This plant is slow growing and it takes about four to five years before the plant can be harvested.

For those people who are thinking about a new diet pill or an alternative product for weight loss, they should become fully informed about the long and the short term side effects of Hoodia Gordonii. Is there any reaction with this supplement and other drugs? Many weight conscious people are keenly aware of this plants incredible appetite suppressing qualities. However, most people are oblivious of the potential long term side effects of Hoodia Gordonii.

The Good News

The good news about this new appetite suppressant is that it has not demonstrated any short-term harmful side effects. No reports have been made of any dangerous side effects from those in the West who have taken Hoodia Gordonii. It has been proven by those who have volunteered to be in a study about this plant have proven that when pure Hoodia is taken on a regular basis at an optimal dosage that is somewhere between 750mg and 1,500mg were found to be consuming 1,000 calories less per day in comparison with the control group. In experiments using animals, Hoodia Gordonii reduced food consumption by about 40%.

The Bad News

In the overall history of Hoodia Gordonii, it is way too early to tell in relation to the modern consumer because there have not been any studies conducted to evaluate the possible side effects that this diet supplement can have on a long term basis. Until more clinical trials are administered to a large, random group of varying racial makeup, we will just have to wait and see what the outcome will be. There would still be no knowledge about how Hoodia Gordonii will affect pregnant women, young obese children or people suffering from chronic conditions such as liver disease, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

When you think about Hoodia Gordonii, there is another point that you should bear in mind when pondering any harmful side effects that this appetite suppressant may have. Some of these long-term side effects may be brought about by either misuse or abuse. Here is an example. Think of someone who is suffering from an eating disorder. After she has taken this product for several weeks, she may find herself to suddenly be in harms way. When she does not feel like eating, her health may suffer because her body lacks proper nutrients. Unknown damage may be done to your body when you take any kind of supplements to suppress your appetite. How can people prevent this from happening to them? That is the easy part. When you take Hoodia Gordonii, make sure to not only eat a well balanced diet but have a daily regimen of exercise.

Before trying any Hoodia Gordonii supplements, you must do your research beforehand. To say the very least, diet supplements may cause confusion. Try to go directly to the source in an effort to get unbiased research and information regarding all diet supplements especially Hoodia Gordonii if you are leaning towards taking this product. There is no better place to buy this appetite suppressant than from the Hoodia Gordonii Plus website. This site is not only packed with a lot of information about Hoodia, but it even contains the excerpt from 60 Minutes which first aired in November of 2004. This website can bee seen in several different languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. This site accepts all of the major credit cards including Paypal.

If you are searching for high quality Hoodia Gordonii from a reputable and trusted company then try reading product reviews as well as testimonials. This will be easy if you have the Internet. If you are not connected, then try your local library.

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