Great Scuba Diving in Africa

Great Scuba Diving in Africa

There are many great places to dive in the world. Scuba diving is an excellent way to see fish, sea creatures and pretty coral. There are many beautiful dive locations all over the world from Australia to South America to even Antarctica. One of the best tropical places to go scuba diving is Africa. There is a lot to see here and few people come here making it very pristine.

Scuba diving off the African coast yields some very interesting adventures. Africa is a home to many dive resorts where the main focus of your holiday will be scuba diving and venturing out into the big, wide underwater universe. So get your snorkel and flippers geared up and get ready for a wild and mesmerizing ride with the sea creatures!

One great place to dive is in the Aliwal Shoal off the coast of South Africa. The reef is named after a ship that sunk there in the 1800s. You’ll find a lot of soft corl and tropical fish here and it’s a real popular destination with divers. The Shoal has an abundance of Grey nurse sharks between August and November when the sharks come to mate.

The Seychelles also offers lots of dive opportunities for people. In the Seychelles, you can head to the Aldabra Atoll where you can dive with giant sea turtles. The warm waters of this area make it an excellent home for many tropical fish and coral reefs. In fact, the Seychelles offers some of the best diving in all of Africa. However, as the island is a luxury destination, you’ll find diving here a bit more expensive than elsewhere.

There are two predominant areas where Great White diving is prevalent i.e. Gansbaai and Moselbaai. Gansbaai is a small fishing village that offers several attractions for the nature wanderers with whale watching being the most popular. Shark diving and cage diving are launched from this cardinal point and is absolutely safe and requires no prior diving experience at all. All you need is a short course on safety and use of the equipment.

For dive enthusiasts, Africa has a wide range of options. You’ll be able to dive wrecks, see sharks, see schools of fish, and much more. There are plenty of places to see. One of the best parts about diving in Africa is that not many people go there so there are many unspoiled places to visit that are cheap. If you are a dive lover, make sure Africa is on your list to see.

Matthew James has been writing about diving for many years. He has dived all over the world and thinks Africa has some of the most unappreciated places in the world. For more information on diving in Africa, check out his website on great tropical islands and diving in reunion .

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