Are You Keeping Score?– Terriorist 254 America 1

Are You Keeping Score?– Terriorist 254 America 1

It seems to me that the credibility of the Justice Department is in serious jeopardy. Promises have been made, incredible, unpredictable actions taken and to the chagrin of millions of American patriots, Eric Holder and his team have taken actions that defy logic. It would appear that they have a vision of what America is that is NOT in synch with the view of our great country that has been held by citizens for over two hundred years.

Back in 2009 the Attorney General, Eric Holder said that failure was not an option in trying Islamic terrorist in U.S. civilian criminal courts. He stared into the camera and shook off criticism that the criminal court system would allow terrorist to leverage our legal system to their benefit. Well Mr. Attorney General you are wrong yet one more time.

The terrorist Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, a Gitmo detainee, was brought to the U.S. to stand trial for his role in the bombing of an embassy in Africa killing hundreds of people including American citizens. He was found not guilt on 284 counts of murder and found guilty on the single charge of conspiracy to commit the bombing in Africa. ( )

Feel safer now?

The primary witness against Ghailani was not allowed to testify because this witness was identified through enhanced interrogation, so the court did not allow him to take the stand. It was the civilian criminal court’s rules of evidence that was leveraged by this murderous Islamic terrorist and only by the grace of God was he nailed on one charge.

The Attorney General and all of the lemmings in the Obama regime are claiming victory because they managed to get a conviction on four tenths of one percent of the charges. I would not say that proved the system worked.

This bunch in Washington truly has not a clue. They bring a criminal prosecution mind-set to a war zone. This foolish attempt to act holier than room has put America in greater danger. Can you just see the celebration among the terrorist throughout the world as the laugh at the stupidity of Americans and cheer the fact that Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani beat 284 criminal counts against him.

What has happened to our Department of Justice, They refuse to prosecute the New Black Panthers. They allow the Regime to arbitrarily overturn contract law in seizing control of GM and Chrysler. They let the terrorist who attacked the Cole go, They will not look into the criminal violation of the tax laws by democratic congressmen and cabinet secretaries but they will go out of their way to offer radical Islamic terrorist better chances at freedom by treating them like a common criminal.

The Obama regime has come a long way in fundamentally changing America in just two years. We made our voices heard on November 2nd. But this is not the end of a patriotic effort, it is just the beginning. Stay strong, stay active and remember the Constitution.

Let’s bring back good old American Common Sense!

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