Moringa Used in Africa for Hundreds of Years

Moringa Used in Africa for Hundreds of Years

The Discovery Channel proves to be more useful than just entertainment for one man named Ken Brailsford. As he watched a documentary on a foreign plant, he became interested in the nutritional benefits of a certain plant called Moringa. He wanted to know more about how people could live off the small consumption of the leaves and oil of this mystery plant. He set off on a journey to find out from biochemists and pharmacologists what makes this tree so special. These endeavors eventually lead to the development of the new product Zija.

Once he understood the significant health advantages of the plant, he couldn’t be stopped. It was a shock that this plant was practically unknown to the public. Driven by his ambition to get the word out about this super plant, he did extensive research. He hired the best medical experts money could buy to research this miracle tree. What they found out was no small news; they immediately started the process to get Moringa out to the hands of the public.

Moringa has been around in small jungle civilizations in Africa for hundreds of years, but was just discovered recently by modern scientists, so you can be sure it’s naturally effective. It combines the power of antioxidants, minerals and amino acids to make you feel better than you have in years.

This is probably the first time that you have ever heard of Moringa, but it has been around for quite some time. There are faded Indian wall carvings depicting the health benefits of Moringa dating back to 150 B.C. Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians utilized the “miracle tree” for therapeutic uses as well as perfume, on skin, and to clean water. Zija is merely making this plant more accessible to people like you.

Humanitarian groups have begun taking advantage of the effects of Moringa in 3rd world countries to fight hunger and starvation. This plant has the unique properties that allow it to be reverse the malnutrition, resistant to drought, and to grow quickly. Traditionally, treating malnutrition with individuals in poor countries takes weeks to months, but patients on Moringa show improvement within a few days. It is also common that children in developing countries experience childhood blindness due to a lack of Vitamin A and retinol in their diets. Moringa has these nutrients, which could virtually eliminate this condition.

Every day, biochemists, natural scientists, and healthcare workers discover another condition that can be treated by this miracle tree. Today this number exceeds three hundred. It is understood now that it contains an enormous range of natural vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Adding Zija from the Moringa tree to your diet has reported benefits for skin, digestion, eyesight, memory, and just generally feeling better. Those who often felt tired throughout their daily routine and pain in their joints also said they saw an improvement.

Ken and his associates discovered that Moringa leaves from Africa have a unique ability to improve your health by helping the body absorb the nutrients you were arleady getting in your diet, as well as adding the ones you weren’t getting. They called it “the most nutrient-rich plant ever discovered”.

Not only is Moringa high in vitamins and minerals, but it also aids in weight loss by converting your bodies fat into energy at a higher rate. This is achieved by the unique composition of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol in the plant. They commonly refer to this as Z-Atin, and it’s found only in Zija.

Ken Brailsford’s dream of getting Moringa out to the general public is slowly becoming a reality. Hundreds of people has tried and are now experiencing the benefits the plant has had on their body. Zija is the way this miracle tree can be utilized by thousands who desperately need it throughout the world.

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