Unless You Personally Feel The Product Is Real Good You Cannot Sell

Unless You Personally Feel The Product Is Real Good You Cannot Sell

Let us assume that Geography is your favorite subject and Math is the subject you hate the most. In most cases both the classes are going to be timed equally.

When it comes to the Math session, you might not be able to sit in the classroom anymore even before it is just 10 minutes since the session began; however, when it comes to your favorite class room “Geography”, you might be imagining yourself as a cowboy disguised to hunt out for diamonds in the Kimberly mines when your teacher is talking about Kimberly in Africa being best known for Diamonds.

If someone wants to talk Geography to you, you might be interested in hearing as well as interested in sharing more than what is within your subject base. When it comes to mathematics you might essentially stop there telling “I hate it”. The momentum of hatred will be very strong that you will not be able to listen or speak about it anymore.

Similarly when you are requiring selling a product if you like the product yourself, you will be able to come out with a “million holy reasons” if you are going to recommend someone to get the product.

But when you hate the product yourself you will simply not be able to talk anything good, if at all you will be able to just tell the few stereotyped lines in the package insert of the product manual. Within your subconscious mind you will be feeling that you are “Committing a sin”.

You will feel bad within thinking that you are sales pitching a mom to get a milk protein cream with the money she has to purchase milk powder for the baby. It can be a real killer feeling when you have to make such a sale.

You will feel like a sinner every time and you will simply not feel happy about the sales, and your face will reflect no magnanimity at all.

You will know that the brand is too high priced for what it is and you might not personally like it, but when it comes to requiring to sell it you will find it very hard to convince your customer about the price and product relationship. No matter how good the brand is, you simply might not be able to do it.

Let us consider how you will deal with the same clients when you like the brand yourself.

Perhaps you will introduce the product to the mother and you will let her know how good the product is. And you would get her contact information so that you can contact her sometime later because you understand that the mom is not in the financial position to get the product now. Rather than sinfully sales pitching, you would have booked her thoughts for tomorrow’s purchase.

Ideally you would understand that the price is more for her, but you will make her feel good about the price and product relationship and have her get it from you sometime in the future, when the time is righteously good.

So, how well you like a product matters a lot in network marketing.

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