Reasons behind why Nigeria still remains to be an underdeveloped society

Reasons behind why Nigeria still remains to be an underdeveloped society

Nigeria is a land in Africa that can boast of plenty of natural resources given by nature, but the country is still counted as one of the underdeveloped countries of the world for its corruption and bribery. It is true that all societies have certain deficiencies and flaws but it is important to handle the greedy officials by practicing certain strict rules against corrupt actions. Since corruption acts like a cancer to our society, it can damage the development, growth and economic condition of a country.

Bribery in Nigeria is one of the prime causes of its backwardness and today it is posing a serious threat to the entire society. No matter how powerful the economy of the society is, if there is corruption and mismanagement, loot of public treasuries, then the nation cannot develop and the poor masses have to suffer immensely. The growing corruption in Nigeria is traced to people who are holding the power at the state, federal and local government levels. It is also seen that not only are the people in the government involved in bribery in Nigeria but also people in both public and private positions are practicing this.

With the discovery of natural gas and petroleum products, the corruption has increased in the country and the land has only seen its wealth wither away without making any changes in the living conditions of the average human being. Nigeria’s government, civil services and business sectors are all plagued by different forms of corruption and bribery and this is fueled exclusively by the petroleum exports. The politicians do not have any interest in developing the infrastructure of the country and the immense profits from oil have only caused deeper economic chaos.

According to reports, it is stated that 80 % of government and business officials of Nigeria bribe to facilitate deals. With the introduction of the Structural Adjustment Program that was initiated by the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the Nigerian economy was destroyed totally. Abolition of marketing boards, sale of national assets, currency devaluation brought in mass poverty. The manufacturing sector became extinct and the middle class was also no more. Bribery and corruption in Nigeria became the principle of state policy and complaint started pouring in that there were no health clinics, no good roads, no water, no electricity and total absence of safety and security.

It is high time and the government should ponder over the situation and find some solution to eradicate the corruption and make the place a better place for people to live.

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