Reviews on Holiday Destinations

Reviews on Holiday Destinations

There are loads of websites online which can tell you what they consider to be the top ten holiday destinations. However, with these sites it is usually ones that they are trying to get you to arrange your next holiday to. But when it comes to really discover where the top ten holiday destinations are in any given year the best place to start your search is using the World Tourism Organisation website.

The World Tourism Organisation is a very useful place, they do more than just advise you on where to holiday – but they can show you facts of the destinations like how many tourists they had at any particular year. They can even break down the stats showing which continents are most favourable.

For example the most popular country visited by tourists from around the globe is Italy, followed closely by France, Spain, UK and Germany. In fact currently around 18% of all holidaymakers travel to Europe each year for a vacation. The reason for this being is that many like to learn more about the architecture, culture and history of the many towns and cities within them.

Some other destinations that are very popular with travellers are South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco – Travelling outside of Europe normally guarantees hot weather which is always great when holidaying.

This year China has been attracting quite a few tourists to its shores. The main reason is because this is the year where both the Olympics and Para Olympics will be taking place. But along with China other destinations in Asia that are seeing an increase in visitors are Japan and Thailand. All of which although popular with visitors from around the world have still been able to retain much of their own identity and have not been influenced too much by our Western ways.

Another place other than the World Tourism Organisation is the Independent Tour Operators. They list the top holiday destinations for that year. Below is their latest list.

Tresco in the Isles of Scilly is very popular, quite a bit of construction work has been taking place to build new holiday homes and luxury apartments.

Naples, Italy ” There is not only many of the historic landmarks of the city which have recently been restored for you to spend time viewing, but it has some really wonderful shops and restaurants. Plus you are within easy reach of such attractions as Pompeii, Mount Vesuvius and the Amalfi Coast.

Since the start of the Eurostar many travellers have been going to France, as it only take a short time from England. When in France holidaymakers will truly experience why France is so famous.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia ” This is a truly magnificent place where at the moment being able to visit the World Heritage Site here is currently free. Although one can explore the upper levels of the temples, there are certain areas which have now been restricted and visitors are no longer able to gain access to.

Western Iceland is a fantastic place to be if you are looking to be alone or with a loved one, due to its secluded areas, this is the ultimate chill out holiday.

Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is popular due to the fact that its food is second to none. There are plenty of Spanish and French cuisines to choose from.

Cook Islands in the South Pacific is a fantastic place to be if you are a sun seeker, you will also revel in the fact that the UK pound is a lot stronger than the New Zealand dollar.

Monte Carlo ” For many English people renewed there has been renewed interest in this city because of Lewis Hamilton winning the Formula 1 Grand Prix. However, the price of staying here is certainly not cheap and costs can rise considerably during the week of the Grand Prix.

Zambia is becoming ever so popular with tourists due to the fact that it is very cheap. Safari is a common attraction with lots of wildlife to see. Large tribal homes are a great way to spend your holiday.

Togo and Benin, West Africa ” If you are looking for somewhere which offers a completely different kind of view of Africa then these are two destinations worth considering. Plus currently the number of visitors making this one of the top ten holiday destinations is currently not that many so it still remains pretty much like it has for many centuries before.

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