The Sun Design Is A Tattoo Tradition

The Sun Design Is A Tattoo Tradition

A consistently popular tattoo design across ages and cultures is the sun. From ancient times to the present, the sun holds a fascination for people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. Various cultures have their own stylized symbol representing the ball of light that warms the earth. Eternal and necessary to all life, the sun unifies people everywhere.

Positioned at the center of the solar system, the sun has always been the most important feature in the sky. While ancient cultures gave homage to the moon and stars, they worshipped the sun as a god. With out the sun there could be no life on planet Earth.

Since before the rise of man, the sun has supplied the planet with the heat and light necessary for all life as we know it. Long after we are gone, it will continue to shine on our descendants. The sun is like a living entity and like all living things, it will one day die and life in our solar system will cease. That day is so far in the future that we cannot even imagine it.

From the ancient Greeks in Europe, to the Egyptian in Africa to the Aztecs of Central America, cultures around the world have worshipped the sun god. The Egyptians called him Ra and believe their ruler was descended from him.. to the Greeks he was Apollo driving a blazing chariot across the sky.

Although, other cultures from other parts of the world also gave reverence to the sun, in these particular civilizations, the highest god being recognized is the sun.

Man’s fascination with the sun caused him to use it in his art. Stylized representations are found in al primitive art and even in modern art. Jewelry designs often depict the sun. There is a wealth of design from which sun worshippers can choose.

Tribal tattoos often depict the sun in their imagery. Popular among the tribal tattoos today is the Aztec symbol of the sun. The Aztecs depicted the sun as a large ball with flames, or sometimes triangles emanating from it. Aztec calendars usually are place around a sun symbol.

Rebirth is also frequently integrated with the sun’s imagery in body modification art. This tattoo design is most of the time embellished with stars and Celtic knots to make it more appealing. Many people go for the sun body art to associate it with good and evil representation or light and dark symbolism that stands for the good and the bad times in their lives.

If you should want a sun tattoo, there are many to choose from. Most tattoo artists have a collection of different sun images and if you artist doesn’t have one you like, you can check online for even more. You can always create your own design if you wish.

From Apollo in his flaming chariot to the fiery ball of the ancient Aztecs, the images are varied and beautiful. Even the sunflower is a representation of the sun.

If you are a sun worshipper who likes to be outdoors on the beach, a sun tattoo makes the statement for you. The sun is the ultimate symbol of life and joy and its perfect for those who live life to its fullest.

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