Survivor Reality TV Show – Big Premier

Survivor Reality TV Show – Big Premier

Location, location, location! Once again CBS Survivor reality TV show picks the most fascinating, obscure location. Gabon, Africa, also called “The Last Eden” is located on the west coast of central Africa. It is actually on the equator with 85% of the country covered by rain forest. It makes for a striking backdrop for the latest installment of the Survivor saga.

Survivor aired it’s first ever 2 hour season premier and it’s already shaping up to be a David & Goliath situation between the two tribes. The Fang tribe appears to be severely outmatched by the younger, more athletic Kota tribe. Kota won three challenges in a row and sent Fang to two Tribal Councils. After the first night, the Fang tribe is already down two players and appears to be “on the ropes” already.

The first player voted out of the seemingly weaker Fang tribe was 24 year old Michelle, a music producer from Los Angeles, California. She didn’t like her tribe, (who picked her last) calling them “the dumbest people on earth” and was easily voted out at the first tribal council. The Second player to face the walk of shame was 61 year old Gillian, a retired nurse from Temecula, California. Gillian was considered the weakest player of the tribe after a terrible showing in the first challenge.

Dan was the first member sent to the infamous exile island. Survivor has added another new twist this season in offering exile island visitors a choice between a more luxurious stay and the opportunity to search for the hidden immunity idol. Unfortunately, Dan chose to search for the hidden idol with no success.

In another survivor first, Randy was possibly the first player in Survivor history to have to call for medical support on the first night on the island. He hit his head in the dark and required several stitches from the medical crew. He participated in the first immunity challenge sporting a bandage wrapped around his head.

The apparently superior Kota tribe wasted no time forming alliances. The first alliance was formed by Charlie and Marcus. Charlie, a gay lawyer, made no attempt to conceal his crush on Marcus, a straight doctor. Marcus, although not interested in a romance, was interested in an alliance. Before the end of the evening, Jacquie and Corinne joined the alliance.

Overall the evening provided the usual Survivor load of reality. Plenty of bickering, lying sneaking, wallowing in the mud, and young attractive people running around in their underwear. It looks like it’s going to be another great season.

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