Our Worst And Best Boating Moments

Our Worst And Best Boating Moments

When we are on our boat, just being on our boat, is one of those very few places in this increasingly crazy world where we can truly find absolute peace and contentment. Well that is, most of the time anyway! It is probably something to do with a sense of detachment and merely just getting away from it all.

This watery pastime has provided us with both the best and worst moments of our lives. The best, well , that’s really hard to choose. There have been loads but the one that always seems to spring to mind is quite unusual. Many years ago, cruising five miles off the Suffolk Coast in thick fog , only making about 4 knots due to weather conditions, the sun suddenly broke through the gloom appearing to create a halo of light around our boat, Sahira. For a time she was bathed in an eerie golden glow while the rest of the world was completely obscured by the fog. It was as though nothing else existed. We are not usually woolly headed but it was, we agreed, a truly spiritual experience.

As for the worst experience, quite a few rough sea moments come to mind but for me the most scary was on a trip from Smir in Morocco to Gibraltar, once again in thick fog! There had been a few reports of piracy incidents in the area, with yotties robbed, nothing terribly serious and no one hurt. Nothing like the Somalian problems recently reported. Anyway, we were trying to get back to Gibraltar inorder to beat a forecasted storm in the Straits and once again we were doing about 4-5 knots because of the conditions. A ‘blob’ suddenly appeared on the radar about mile behind. Despite three course changes it continued to follow, closing slightly to mile. We were of course unarmed and reluctant to increase speed because we were approaching the busy Straits of Gibraltar. However the blob suddenly turned away and disappeared into, what looked on the chart like a deserted area of the Moroccan coast. We don’t know to this day what was behind this but it wasn’t the Moroccan Coastguard because when we left Smir their boats were locked up, covered with tarpaulins and deserted. Fishermen would have no reason to follow us. There had been much people and drug traffiking between Europe and Africa so we feel that it was connected with that. Anyway, it was very scary.

Has anyone else got any worst and best moments?

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