It is true that by wearing a gemstone many incurable illness and diseases are cured, misfortunes can be
converted into good charm and unfavorable situations can be transformed into a favorable one. It can
be said that for progress wearing of a gemstone is considered the best. Gemstones give us an intuition
about good and bad fortunes and attract human being irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Yellow Sapphire represents Jupitar (Guru). Yellow Sapphires are found in any shade of yellow, from light
yellow to dark golden yellow. The Chemical Formula for Yellow Sapphire is Al2O3+Cr (Aluminum Oxide),
Specific Gravity 3.99, Refractive Index 1.76-1.766 & Hardness on moh’s scale 9.0. Yellow Sapphire is
generally found in Srilanka, Thiland, Cambodia, Australia, East Africa & USA.

Jupitar (Guru) is the largest planet (graha) in the solar system. It signifies knowledge, wisdom, virtue,
fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality,
truthfulness, prosperity and charity.Guru is the major instructor or teacher and influences action
with the highest order and balance. Guru guides action in the most harmonious and uplifting manner
and balances inner and outer input while simultaneously performing and monitoring action. Guru or
Jupiter’s influence in the human physiology is through the globus pallidus. This globular structure is like
a teacher in the physiology. It gives balanced and higher-order instructions, balances and maintains
harmony between inner and outer input, manages and executes complex systems and enlivens activity
in the brain while guiding action. It signifies highest order thinking, Knowledge and organizing power.
It’s use brings about affection and harmonious relations amongst family members. The reputation of the
person increases day by day and one is respected everywhere.

Yellow Sapphire should be worn on the Index finger on Thursday after having been embedded in gold or
silver and performing Purification, Abhimantran, Pran-Pratishtha & chanting of Mantras.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Mantra: Om Brim Brihspataya Namha

Chakra: Second, Ajna

Cosmic Color: Light Yellow

Sun Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces

Number: 3

Sanskrit Name: Pushparaga, Gururatna, Pushparaj

Day to Wear: Thursday

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