10 Amazing Facts About Tanzania


10. Strategic Location

AFRICANGLOBE – Because of its political stability, it is one of Africa’s less talked about countries, but like a duck, it is paddling mightily under the surface.

As anxiety rises ahead of Tanzania elections on October 25, this quiet giant has the media glare focused intently on it. Even though the country is the most populous in East Africa, it rarely steals the limelight from its more tempestuous neighbours – such as the Democratic Republic of Congo – or fast-growing economies Kenya and Rwanda.

Surprisingly so —after digging beneath the surface, this country unveils an incredibly interesting past, ambitiously roaring past its neighbours in some areas. It’s almost like a duck – the feet may be paddling mightily underwater, without causing too much of a ripple on the surface.

Here are 10 insights on one of Africa’s less talked about but significant countries:

Tanzania has its fingers in two nice pots – it is the only country in East Africa which also is a member of the Southern African Development Community. This means the country is able to benefit from being a hub of trade for the landlocked SADC members, including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Malawi and Zambia.