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15 Most Corrupt Countries In Africa


Somalia (CPI score:8)

Somalia is located in the horn of Africa with a population of over 10 million. Somalia is ranked the most corrupt country in the world. There is lack of accountability in receipt and expenditure of public funds. Currently a parliamentary finance committee has been established to oversee all the withdrawal transactions from Central Bank, which is Somalia’s official monetary authority.

Kenya Endorses New Somalia State
Somalia has suffered from instability for decades

Sudan (CPI score:11)

Sudan’s economic growth has been impacted by malpractice of the top government officials. Corruption has made it extremely difficult to do business in the country especially in sectors of construction and transportation.

Sudan: Worsening Situation In Darfur
The Arab minority government of Sudan has continued a policy of genocide against the African majority

South Sudan (CPI score:15)

The youngest nation has taken various steps to promote transparency since independence. However, it’s been noted that there is no political will to effectively implement anti-corruption policies.

South Sudan EAC
South Sudan is Africa’s newest nation

Libya (CPI score:18)

Since the fall of Muamar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been dogged with lawlessness and systematic rise in corruption within the governing bodies. Other than sectarian violence, corruption is the biggest impediment to growth in Libya.

43 Killed In Libya Clashes, Authorities Close Benghazi Airport
Fighting in Benghazi has left over 43 people dead

Eritrea (CPI score:18)

People in Eritrea live in fear -ridden environment. This has caused great migration by the younger eritreans seeking life outside the country. It’s noted that 1 in every 3 Eritrean lives outside their country. Corruption is rampant among the ruling class.

Eritreans Flee Afwerki’s Iron-Fisted Rule
Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki

Guinea Bissau (CPI score:19)

Once hailed as potential model for West African development today it is one of the poorest nations in Africa and the world at large. Poverty level is sustained by the deeply rooted corruption of death squandering by the highly ranked Government officials.

Rio Tinto To Invest $20bn In Guinean Mine
Mining is Guinea’s main economic activity

Angola  (CPI score: 19)

While Angola has seen tremendous growth and development, without corruption which is well entrenched in the day to day life, Angola would be in the upper middle class category. The government is currently working on enacting laws and integrity systems to fight corruption, but many skeptics are doubtful since most corruption cases involves the government itself.

Angolans Resentful As China Tightens Its Economic Grip
Angola is a leading supplier of oil to China

Burundi (CPI score:20)

Poor leadership and lack of accountability has landed Burundi in our list of most corrupt countries in Africa. The government have indicated willingness to fight corruption but most think it’s just lip service.

Fighting Flares After Burundi Army Chief Says Coup Attempt Failed
Burundian president Pierre Nkurunziza

Zimbabwe (CPI score:21)

Zimbabwe which used to be a model of success in Southern Africa has suffered setbacks since it started facing the onslaught by Western nations with sanctions. In 2011, finance minister Tendai Biti claimed that at least $1 billion in diamond revenues owed to the national treasury remains unaccountable.

Zimbabwean Soldier Moves To Evict White Farmer
White settlers in Zimbabwe controls the land and profit from African labour

Democratic Republic of Congo (CPI score:22)

Corruption in Congo has become an epidermic. Endowed with so much resources, Congo government officials are deeply involved with multi-national corporations in fleecing the country of it’s wealth. Many Corporations do not pay taxes, and could access permits for minings through the back doors of the government officials.

Congo's Kabila Names New Government In Bid To Broaden Political Base
DRC President Joseph Kabila

Chad (CPI score:22)

The Central african country which rich in oil resources is also one of the most corrupt countries in Africa. Chad remains one of the poorest countries but with the highest living standards. The country which is landlocked if dogged with corruption and feuds. The revenue from oil is never accounted for in this nation.

ExxonMobil Seeks Settlement In $800 Million Chad Tax Dispute
Chad only receive a .02 percent royalty from its oil exports

Republic of Congo (CPI score: 23)

Congo is another one of African countries with abundant oil resources that is never accounted for by the government. Oil resources is treated like a private property for the ruling elite. In a country that is rich in resources yet lacks basic service within it’s urban centers due to lack of accountability.

Central African Republic (CPI score:24)

The land locked Central Africa Nation export Diamond and Timber to China and European countries. However, due to conflict, instability and lack of accountability, the corruption is the order of the day. Natural resources and exported without any records from the government and the citizens are left engaged in conflicts.

French War In Central African Republic Intensifies Humanitarian Crisis
French troops in the Central African Republic are there to protect French interest not on humanitarian grounds

Kenya (CPI score:25)

Corruption in Kenya is probably the most consistent in Africa. The studies find that an average Kenyan pays 16 bribes in a month. It’s impossible to get any services in Kenya without corruption. Corruption has also risked purging the country into runaway insecurity. It’s believed that many terrorists can access vital travel documents in Kenya at a small fee, this includes passports and birth certificate. In Kenya, corruption is also politicized, where high ranked officials squander millions but are backed and protected by the masses who share the same ethnic groups. In the last year alone 2014/2015, Kenya has lost billions already due to corruption.

Nairobi Kenya
Kenya’s capital Nairobi is one of East Africa’s largest cities

Guinea (CPI score:25)

Guinea is the new route for drug trafficking. The country has no well established law and justice department, the rule of law can be altered based on who is paying what. Corruption has kept the country from achieving the growth it needs to give better service and life for it’s citizens.15 Most Corrupt Countries In Africa

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