At an age when most teenagers are stressed over their Ordinary level exams or which Advanced level subjects to choose, 17 year-old Maud Chifamba is miles ahead. Chifamba is finishing off her Accounting degree at the country’s premier learning institution, the University of Zimbabwe (UZ).

The young genius enrolled for a degree at 14 but the road has not been as rosy as some might imagine. Her family could barely make ends meet and Chifamba had to drop out of school after finishing primary school “due to lack of funds. She therefore read at home and in two years time in 2009 when she was only 11 she sat for her Ordinary Level examinations and passed.”

After receiving a government scholarship, Chifamba excelled in her A Levels, earning her a place at the prestigious UZ. The teenager attributes her rare achievements to the supportive family structure she was raised in.

“I am proud of myself but even more of my late dad and the entire family who made it possible for me to achieve this great feat through all the hard conditions. They stuck with me no matter what and their support kept me going. I attribute all my achievements to their great support,” she told reporters.

Despite the challenges and media attention, which came with the being the youngest student in a tertiary institution, Chifamba wasn’t distracted from her goals and says she’s “very proud” of herself.