18 Things You Didn’t Know About Robert Mugabe


19. Mugabe is the product of a religious upbringing

AFRICANGLOBE – Robert Mugabe, 89, is undoubtedly a revered figure, but many are familiar only with the details of his most public life. Both his childhood and adult life are filled with surprises, many of which influenced decisions during his numerous terms as Zimbabwe’s president.

Both of Robert Mugabe’s parents were extremely religious, and strict with their son. Throughout his childhood, he attended Jesuit school, and credits an Irish priest as one of his most influential mentors in his youth.

Robert Mugabe and his first wife Sally Mugabe


  1. Mugabe got power in 1980 not the people.”whatever the value of the currency, it was a result of white rule! ” so basically you are saying that we prospered only because of white rule ?you are therefore saying that blacks cannot run an economy succssfully which directly contradicts your statement saying “You’ll see that soon they’ll take ownership of their resources and economic independence and reach prosperity”.By the way MUGABE IS RULING ALONE.Tsvagirai has no power and has never had a hand in the economic decline of Zimbabwe whatsoever.MUGABE IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ZIMBABWE’S ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.I have been arguing using only facts.l have not repeated any rubbish at all.You on the other hand have failed to disprove anything i have said.By the way,lm not a Tsvangirai supporter.lm a pregmatic Zimbabwean who refuses to be propagandised.

  2. actually you are lying sir.blacks in Zimbabwe are NOT proud of Mugae.He has had to rig every election since 2002 in order to tay in power.Only a few heavily indoctrinated zealots are “proud” of him.Zimbabweans walk all over the world with shame.We have the best literacy rate in Africa yet 90% of us are unemployed.This is shameful.25% of the entire black population lives in exile.They want to come back home but the SHAME of unemployment and poor service delivery is too great to bear.

  3. Sibanda, you’re just crying like small girl… You black Zimbabweans got power back in your hands in 1980, whatever the value of the currency, it was a result of white rule! Now it’s been 34 years and Mugabe also got the land back… What else do you need to change your destiny? Mugabe isn’t ruling alone, what alternatives have you put to the table ? …oh yeah, Tsvangirai! Come on, use your brain, don’t just repeat neocolonial rubbish.

  4. actually our economy is dead.Our currency is no longer usable.we dont own our resources anymore (mugabe your hero sold them to the chinese and russians),more than 60% of our people live on less than a dollar a day,our people HAVE NO LAND (land was mostly grabbed by politicians and their friends) and the unemployment rate is at 90%.is this the democracy and prosperity you are talking about ?

  5. Mugabe might have been guilty of crimes against the Ndebele people, I condemn it, but are you sure of what would’ve happened had ZAPU won? Look at south Africa now, the blacks are still poor and crime exploded since ANC took power! …why is Malema so popular today? …what about protesters being killed like if they had no rights at all? The whites still hold the real power in SA! Zimbabwe might be poor, but blacks there are proud and responsible! You’ll see that soon they’ll take ownership of their resources and economic independence and reach prosperity!

  6. As for democracy and prosperity, there will be new leaders to build on the foundations gained by ZANU-PF. My point is, you must know that economy is a result of mental freedom, black pride and locally grown entrepreneurship… The old man is 90 something and we revere him for having resisted oppression of neocolonialism.

  7. Mugabe is a dictator, I agree, but certainly not a puppet! The man led Zimbabwe to independence and dared take the land from the white powerful minority! For this only, I respect him.

  8. by the way,Tsvangirai gets most of his votes from the Urban areas not the Ndebele people as you ignorantly claim.Do some reading before you open you start typing.This is because election violence is easier to hide in the rural areas than in urban areas where people have cameras etc.lf you think i’m lying please read about the 2002 and the 2008 elections.

  9. oh my gosh! you are so ignorant.Tsvangirai is not even Ndebele,he is of the same tribe as Mugabe.You obviously know very little about Zimbabwe so please stop embarrassing yourself.Mugabe murdred the Ndebele because they were loyal to Joshua Nkomo the real revolutionary.Mugabe’s Zanu Pf was a splinter group of Nkomo’s PF ZAPU.The guy who uses pro-Ndebele tribalism is Paul Siwela and he lives in exile because or govrnment wants to hang him for “treason”.Do your research.Guess what,in the same year that he murdered my people he got a knighthood from the British qu so l wonder who the western puppet is.Stop hero-worshipping an evil man.There are plenty of genuine revolutionaries that you can support not this bumbling buffoon.Mugabe has willfully starved Zimbabweans,sold all our assets to thechinese,comitted genocide out of jelousy for Nkomo’s support and masterminded the worst economic collapse in history.Clap hands for Mugabe,the hero of ignorant fools!

  10. Oh yeah Prince, then tell me who MDC was running for, the whole Zimbabwean population, or western powers and Ndebele tribesmen?? Do you contest the need for land redistribution? Mugabe is not a democratic leader, I know, but neither is the West! I live in Rwanda and can tell you that all the major conflicts that took place in the region since 1990 in Rwanda, Burundi and the DRCongo happened because of the Western powers greed and pride! Almost 8 million ‘black’ people killed…for what? US, UK interests! Of course GIs have nothing to do with these killings, but the proxy armies backed by those western powers, at the expense of the black peoples, waged wars for which the peoples had no interest in. Now, are you still convinced Mugabe is the bad guy here? Be careful what you wish for!!

  11. this is what happenss when you protest in Zimbabwe.lf this is your definition of a patriotic African statesman,then you’re an embarrassment to pan-Africanism.lm a proud black Zimbo and it pains me how certain individuals hijacked the revolution and used it to justify greed,murder,vicious tribalism and racism.

  12. google “gukurahundi” and “murambatsvina”.Actually you seem clueless about this guy.HE is the one who instigated ethnic cleansing against FELLOW BLACK PEOPLE.oh yeah also google the 2008 zimbabwean election if you still believe that he is democratic.He lost fair and square then used violence (by this i mean murder) to force a recount and a runoff.This man has no regard for the constitution of Zimbabwe and regularly orders police to thoroughly beat peaceful demonstrators.

  13. Prince Sibanda, I happen to respect president Mugabe for his fight for freedom. Mental slavery is the most cruel humiliation and oppression that black people suffered at the hands of white minority ruling class! Mugabe fought against it, he also fought against false democracy of MDC’s Morgan Tsvangirai based on ethnic divides… Be aware that sanctions taken against Zimbabwe by America, UK and other allied nations crippled the economy, and why that? Because Robert Mugabe decided to redistribute the land of which 90% was in the hands of less than 5% of the population, white farmers!! Now, remind me how Mugabe is a ‘loon’ and why we shouldn’t revere him for his courageous and patriotic actions?

  14. if anyone “reveres” this loon.PLIZ GET YOUR HEAD EXAMINED.Seriously this guy’s foreign and domestic policies are a cruel joke to the people of Zimbabwe.Thank God for old age…tick tock