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These 7 African Countries Can’t Live Without Aid


Liberia: 27.13% of national income

In 2010, Liberia’s president declared that the country would be aid-independent within 10 years – an ambitious statement as in 2008, foreign aid to Liberia represented 771% (yes, 771) of government spending. Between 2000 – 2013, there were 5,598 projects funded by official development assistance, on which a whopping $4.63 billion was spent. Aid organisations flourish in the country, and well-qualified Liberians are being drawn away from government or civil society positions by higher wages in donor organisations – further perpetuating the aid dependence problem. There is heavy criticism that this is an externally-facing government which has become accountable more to taxpayers in the West rather than to its own people.These 7 African Countries Can’t Live Without Aid

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