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These 7 African Countries Can’t Live Without Aid


Mozambique: 14.32% of national income

Despite recent tensions, Mozambique has been seen by donors as a success story of peace, stability and growth since the end of its devastating war in 1992 – thus aid continued to pour in to assist with growth and reconstruction.  Between 2000 – 2013 there were 18,392 projects as a result of ODA on which $9.68 billion was spent. The dependence blossomed and today reductions in spending would still hit capital expenditures – such as the building and repair of roads, schools, hospitals.

The dependence as a source for financing the state budget is on the decline, but this does not mean that total aid dependency will go down. For example, the Economist Intelligence Unit’s projections indicate that by 2017, mining revenue will have become substantially larger than donors’ cash – but it may not all go into the right channels.

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