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These 7 African Countries Can’t Live Without Aid


Lesotho: 11.45% of national income

Military Coup Under Way In Lesotho

Between 2000 – 2013 there were 3,586 projects that were classified as ODA, on which $871 million was spent. In 2013, more than 20% of total government expenditure was financed by ODA grants and concessional loans. Such high reliance on aid, in its various forms, has seen under-development in some of the country’s sectors. For example, UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) has been supporting agriculture in the country since 1983 while the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) had been feeding people in Lesotho since 1965. By 2010, about a quarter of the population was still in need of food assistance whilst 40% of the population needed food aid in 2013. Continued food and agricultural support, coupled with falling production and droughts, led some to believe that aid might actually be at the root of the problem in the country.

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