8 Facts About Nigerians That The World Should Know!


8. 1. Nigerians Are “Very” Educated

AFRICANGLOBE – First things first, Africa is not a Country it’s the worlds second largest and second-most-populous continent. For some random reason, whenever people speak about Africa, there’s always a reference to Nigeria. Often referred to as the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria is home to perhaps one of the largest youth populations in the world hence the many perceptions that have been cultivated over time.

These are 8 facts about Nigerians that the world should know.

Education is probably one of the most stressed and most important things in Nigeria, so it’s always interesting to hear and read about the random stereotypes that people have.The one thing a lot of people can attest to is that Nigerian parents value education so much they would rather starve themselves than see their children live without a fair chance to go to a learning institution.

As a matter of fact, Nigerian immigrants are the most educated group and have the highest level of education in the United States. The average Nigerian living in the United States has at least two degrees or even more. It’s a force of nature.